The comforting Korean noodles dish of Jajangmyeon 자장면 smothered in savoury black bean sauce has gained a special place in many K-food lovers’ hearts in Singapore.

A huge part goes to the K-drama effect.

So much so that we are seeing more Korean-Chinese cuisine specialty restaurants, from O.BBa Jjajang (now with Express outlet), MukJja (Novena), Noodle Star K (Tanjong Pagar), Hwang Sil (Maxwell), to Dong Fang Hong Restaurant (Telok Ayer).

GO K Jjajang

It is not surprising to see Go! K-BBQ known for its Korean BBQ with aged meats open a sister-restaurant GO K Jjajang at Amoy Street.

(The restaurants possibly had a rebranding exercise and now spots a contemporary dark green logo with more consistent social media postings.)

Korean–Chinese cuisine is characterised by a trio of must-have dishes – Jajangmyeon, Jjamppong, and Tangsuyuk, and it is expected to find these primary dishes here.

I wanted to order the set with all three dishes ($50), but the served mentioned “only available lunch”. A pity.

GO K Jjajang

The menu at GO K Jjajang is unexpectedly wide-ranging, and you may just see this the Korean version of zi char – simply put.

There are categories of fried rice, noodles, Joongha Saeu (fried shrimp), Tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork), deep-fried chicken, soups and sides.

You can even find Korean versions of Mapo Tofu ($20), Steamed Pork Belly with Soy Sauce, Spicy Garlic Sweet and Sour Pork ($33), Fried Shrimp with Cream Sauce ($42), Fried Rice with Beef ($14), Fried Dumpling with Pork ($10), to Chinese Flower Bun ($4).

Prices seem to be tad higher than the average Korean-Chinese restaurant in Singapore.

GO K Jjajang

I went straight for the star dish of G K Jjajang Myeon ($14), and they do offer a spicy version.

Having tried most, if not all the famous Jajangmyeon in Singapore, I would probably rank this somewhere in the middle.

I enjoyed it for its sesame oil fragrance, and the noodles had a delectable chewy bite, though the sauce lacked for that X-factor oomph, and was could be more in proportion to the noodles. (The aircon was very cold in the restaurant, and the bowl quickly turned lukewarm.)

GO K Jjajang

As for the Go K Tangsuyuk ($28), diners can choose for the sauce to be poured over, or used as a dip.

The sauce had a delightful vinegary sourness, not too rich or sweet. And while the pork was tender, the outer batter could be crispier. Again, I wished the pork pieces and sauce was hotter.

There is a wide enough repertoire of Korean-Chinese dishes served here and not available elsewhere, and I would be keen for a return visit to try out more, especially the Menbocha (fried bread with minced shrimp) and Chadol Jjamppong (spicy seafood noodle with beef brisket).

GO K Jjajang

GO K Jjajang
80 Amoy Street, Singapore 069899
Tel: +65 6223 3606
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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