Torn between Korean BBQ and Korean Chinese food?

If you are in the same situation like me in which some friends want to eat Korean BBQ, while the other would rather have Jjajangmyeon, you can head out to Taste of Korea Jjin at Telok Ayer for a mingling of both.

(Of course the other popular place for both is O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang.)

Taste Of Korea 찐, otherwise known as T.O.K Jjin, features a variety of dishes from all around Korea, from the traditional Korean Gukbap to the ever-popular Chinese Korean Jjajangmyeon.

To provide the highest quality of meats, they delicately store them in temperature-controlled environment.

After all, meats are the soul of Korean BBQ. When paired with their specially curated homemade sauces, it can be a winning combination.

Try their BBQ Beef & Pork Set 1 ($108) which contains Rib Eye (120g), Marinated Beef Rib Finger (120g), Pork Belly (150g), Marinated Pork Rib (150g), and Pork Collar (150g).

Want a trio of beef, pork, and chicken?

Get the Marinated Set ($68) featuring Marinated Beef Rib Finger (120g), Marinated Pork Rib (150g), and Soy Marinated Chicken (250g).

All sets include steamed egg, side dish, and your choice of soft tofu soup which was very flavourful, or bean paste soup.

Expand your selection with their A la Carte BBQ menu including 180g serving of popular pork cuts such as Marinated Pork Rib ($26), Planer Belly, ($24), Duroc Pork Belly ($26), Duroc Pork Collar ($27), and Jowl Meat ($27).

If you prefer beef, try their Deung Sim (Rib Eye) ($38, 150g) Galbisal (Prime Boneless Short Rib) ($38, 150g), Jumuleok Galbisal (Marinated Beef Rib Finger) ($32, 180g), and the all-new U-Seol Beef Tongue ($32, 150g).

A minimum of 2 orders are required for a la carte BBQ items, which includes side dish and fresh veggies.

What I enjoyed about this Korean BBQ (other than the selection of Banchan) was their attentive and friendly service, in which the ajumma would help prepare and cut up your meats.

Better to leave it to the professional, right?

Also, I didn’t get the feeling I was rushed, or that the staff was stressed out, even though it got pretty-crowded later in the evening.

The meats tasted fresh and of good quality, and the entire dining experience felt quite authentic.

The Korean-Chinese food available included Jjin Jjajang Myeon ($15), Sancheon Jjajang ($15), Jjin Jjamppong ($16), Crab Jjamppong ($18), to Tangsuyuk ($28, $38, $48).

Their version of Jjajangmyeon ($15) features chewy, bouncy noodles made in-house using a machine from Korea, tossed in a savoury black bean sauce. You would ind diced potatoes in the sauce which added some texture, and just the right amount of sesame oil so it was not too oily.

And here’s a unique dish – the red-coloured Sacheon Jjajangmyeon ($15), using gochujang or Korean red chili paste.

Taste of Korea 찐 (T.O.K JJIN)
109 Amoy Street. Singapore 069929
Tel: +65 6980 6440
Opening Hours: 11am – 2:30pm, 5pm – 10:30pm (Mon, Wed – Sun), Closed Tues

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