Need a dessert café that opens late at Sengkang?

Cold Flings is a newly opened ice cream store at High Park Residences, a condominium in Fernvale.

If you are looking for Ice Cream and even Acai Bowls at odd hours in the night, you will be pleased to know that this café is opened till 2am daily. Yes, every single day.

To get there, it is about 2 minutes’ from Thamggam LRT or 10 minutes walking distance from Seletar Mall as well.

The place is small and cosy, sitting about 8 to 15 customers each time.

There is an outdoor seating area as well, which can accommodate about 3 to 4 groups. Every inch looks clean and bright, from the faux marble top tables to the charming ceiling display with fairy lights.

Add instagrammable neon signs on the walls, and we can imagine café hoppers happily taking pictures for their feed.

The ice cream variety is quite extensive. Some interesting flavours include Oolong Osmanthus, Stracciatella (gelato with chocolate chip flakes), Coffee Chip, 85% Dark Chocolate and Blue Pea Lemongrass.

The more popular ones are Chocolate Indulgence, Red and Green Apple Yakult.

Every single scoop – they call it the ‘premium’ flavour is $4.50, and a double is $8. The ‘gold’ flavours are slightly pricier at $5.50 (single) and $10 (double).

We tried the Green Apple Yakult (a gold flavour, by the way) to see if it was worth the hype.

The ice cream was smooth and very refreshing. If you enjoy a sour-sweet combination, then this could be for you. The scoop was also huge, so it is even possible for sharing.

Apart from ice creams, the shop is also known for its Acai Bowls and Waffles.

Its Waffles (additional $6) come in two flavours – butter and pandan. The friendly server recommended butter, so we picked that option.

Overall, the waffles came warm and crispy. The two flavours we chose, Chocolate Indulgence and Red Apple Yakult, complemented the buttery waffles quite well. Portion sizes were decent since you get an entire waffle with 4 quarters.

Acai Bowls came with choices of Cookie Crush, Oh Fudge, Super Nutty, Lychee Chill, and Mango Tango. The medium cup goes for $9.90, and the large cup for $13.90.

Lychee Chill sounded like a cool balm for a fairly humid and warm day, so we opted for a medium version of it – which is probably good enough for two.

Honestly, while the names sound cute and you get to choose different flavours, we do not think the acai is the unique aspect of the shop except offering a ‘healthier’ option.

While to have a place selling midnight Acai is still quite a nice find, we preferred their ice cream since each generous scoop was so creamy. Plus, some flavours differ from what you can find elsewhere.

Must highlight the warm and friendly service in this small shop. It seems that even though it has been opened for only a short period month, Cold Flings had its regulars, and staff members were happily interacting with the diners.

Given that it is deep within the heartlands of Sengkang, not sure how many people from outside this area would throng there purposely just for ice cream. Would recommend you visit if in the neighbourhood though.

Cold Flings
21 Fernvale Road, #01-05 High Park Residences, Singapore 797637
Opening Hours: 5pm – 2am (Mon – Fri), 12pm – 2am (Sat – Sun)

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* Written by Juls H, a writer, designer, and social media marketer. Daniel’s Food Diary paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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