”Balance Coffee Est. 2011” were the first words I saw when I walked into Balance Coffee, and I thought that there was a typo in the year.

After all, there is only one digit difference between 2011 and 2021.

And it turned out that Balance Coffee is actually opened by the same folks behind Geisha Specialty Coffee at Burlington Square near Bugis.

Geisha Specialty Coffee needs no introduction to avid coffee drinkers in Singapore, a quaint little shop opened since 2011.

It is named after the prized variety coffee beans called “Geisha”. Geisha coffee propelled to fame due to a family-owned farm in Panama called Hacienda La Esmeralda where they won the “Best of Panama” auction in 2004.

The coffee is known for its outstanding taste, complexity and precious quantity due to its labour intensive process.

Balance Coffee is much more spacious compared to their sister outlet, with a total of 28 seats both indoors and outdoors.

I enjoyed the space decked in Scandinavian style with tall ceiling and natural sunlight pouring in. a

There is a coffee bar at one end, a retail space at the other end of the cafe and surrounded with greenery outdoors.

The menu features primarily coffee using their Quad-beans-house-blend from America and Central America and specialty beans, both roasted in house.

Specialty beans include their prized Santa Teresa Geisha (Espresso $8, White Geisha $8.50, Drip $8), Colombia Pink Bourbon (Espresso/ Drip $6), Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Drip $5.50), Papua New Guinea (Drip $5) and Santa Theresa Caturra (Drip $5).

I must say that the prices are extremely reasonable starting from $2.50 for a cup, such as Espresso ($2.50), Americano ($2.80), Macchiato ($3), Cappucino/ Flat White ($3.50), Latte ($3.80), Mocha ($4) and Cold Brew ($4).

Interestingly, they also offer local coffee such as Kopi O ($1.80) and Kopi White ($2.20) on their menu.

The Cappucino ($3.50) comes with a single shot of espresso and has a medium body, very smooth and well-balanced with chocolatey and nutty notes that will be popular among cafehoppers.

Note that there won’t be latte art for their Flat White.

With chocolate added into their Mocha ($4), it turned out to be on the sweeter side.

A trip to Balance Coffee won’t be complete without trying their Geisha coffee beans from Santa Teresa (Espresso $8, White Geisha $8.50, Drip $8).

The beans come from a coffee farm located in the cloud-forest of Chiriqui, Panama and is a regular finalist in the “Best of Panama” Auction with more than a dozen awards won in the last decade.

Served in an unassuming coffee cup, my cup of Santa Teresa Geisha was complex in a good way.

I would probably need a Thesaurus to describe the taste of this prized coffee beans, as to be honest so good I was at a loss for words.

Let me try… the cup was subtly aromatic with a fruity taste full of tropical berries, distinctive sweetness with a full citrus notes in the aftertaste and a smooth finish.

There was a lingering bittersweet sensation in the aftertaste that makes me crave for a second cup.

I was glad that I started off having their house-blend before diving into their specially coffee menu as the Santa Teresa Geisha was too memorable.

If you are looking for food, they offer a small selection with Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich ($8.90), French Toast ($8.90), Omurice ($12.90), Nasi Lemak ($8.90), Aglio Olio ($8.90) and Truffle Fries ($6.90).

Balance Coffee serves one of the most reasonable priced artisanal coffee in Singapore, and with their amazing Geisha beans, I believed I will be back soon for another cup.

Balance Coffee
VIIO@BALESTIER, 520 Balestier Road, #01-08, Singapore 329853 (beside Zhongshan Mall)
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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