The usually sleepy Kampong Bahru has indeed become more exciting the past months, with the addition of Dolc Patisserie, Kream & Kensho and the revamped Strangers’ Reunion.

Located 2 doors away from Dolc Patisserie at Kampong Bahru, At3 (@3) is the newest addition to the cafe scene in the arae.

As unique as their name sounds, At3 is a Nordic style cafe serving Nordic cuisine, not commonly seen in Singapore.

In English usage the term “Nordic countries” is vaguely used for Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland; while “Scandinavia” is commonly used for Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Both “Nordic” and “Scandinavian” are often used interchangeably here.

Their interior can be described Scandinavian-themed with simplicity, minimalism and functionality, which includes usage of natural materials such as leather and wood.

The 20 seater space gave off warm and homely vibes, equipped with wooden furniture in a white-washed space and industrial flooring.

Food menu consists of Nordic cuisines, which include Smoked Salmon Salad ($17), Kale Salad ($17), Avo Shrimp Sandwich ($24), Skagen Toast ($18), Smoked Salmon Sandwich ($20) and Viking Breakfast ($21).

I noted that their (not-very-Nordic) dessert prices are on the higher side though, which include Earl Grey Lavender Tea Cake ($8), Pistachio Lemon Tea Cup ($9, Sliced Daim Cake ($4), Mini Tart ($7), Orh Nee Cake ($10) and Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($10).

The Orh Nee Cake ($10) looked interesting with a layer of Orh Nee (Yam) in between 2 layers of pandan sponge cake, dusted with desiccated coconut and edible flowers on top. (May remind some of LUNA’s.)

The pandan sponge cake was soft, fluffy, yet moist.

I was glad that it wasn’t too sweet but it tasted predominantly pandan instead of yam.

The Sliced Daim Cake ($4) is made using a Daim bar – a type of Swedish chocolate made from bits of crunchy almond caramel covered in milk chocolate.

It tasted similar to Ferrero Rocher without the hazelnut crunch, not as dense as I thought it would be, perfect as a light snack.

A quad-beans-blend of Brazil, Colombian, Ethiopia and Sumatra Quad-beans-blend, roasted by Highlander coffee is used for their espresso-based drinks at the moment. (They will be switching to Swedish coffee beans in future.)

Among the Black ($5), White ($6), Espresso ($3) and Espresso Tonic ($5) available, I had the White ($6) which was medium bodied, smooth, floral with chocolatety and malty notes.

Non-espresso drinks include their Matcha ($5.50) and Chocolate ($5), with their iced version contained in this unique curved glass.

Perhaps their desserts and drinks available at the moment on their menu do not fully reflect their Nordic style, I hope that there will be a stronger Nordic touch in their savoury food options in the future.

At3 (@3)
63 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169369
Opening Hours: 8am – 4pm (Mon, Thurs), 8am – 6pm (Wed, Fri – Sun), Closed Tues

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


  1. Hey there Daniel, jiamin here from Olsen bakehouse. it’s been a long time since we baked for u, we used to be inthebrickyard and baked for u when we were in Salut coffeeshop & maybe even our JTC Days a good 5-6 years ago.

    I saw ur recent post (been following hehe) at3 coffee place their cake (banana, Orh nee, ondeh ondeh) looks an awful lot like ours in terms of size and shape and proportion down to the decor. I just wanted to give a heads up, in case it was written tt they baked it themselves or maybe can check / clarify w them. But we r not wholesaling so I’m not sure if they did make it (don’t wanna wrongfully accuse) just tt our customer highlight to us that they thought we r stocking at other cafes but we are not. We only currently provide our banana bread and sticky date pudding to EC commune.

    Wld love to bake for u someday again.

      • Thank you Jia Min & Olsen Bakehouse team, thank you for clarifying with At3. This is not very typical though, as cafes which source cakes would have informed the supplier.

        Plus, I would imagine it would be a win-win, eg more direct communication, some form of customisation/differentiation, and of course pass any possible savings down to the consumer (and encourage repeat purchases).


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