Popular Singapore zi char restaurant JB Ah Meng has moved from Geylang Lor 23, to Geylang Lor 30.

Gone are the seating area at a dingy back alley where you may not be able to see your food clearly (and have to feed mosquitoes), to a bright, white-lighted corner coffeeshop that is more spacious and comfortable.

If you are curious, yes, the prices remain the same. Situation wise, still as ‘chaotic’. LOL

(Click PLAY for video highlights of JB Ah Meng.)

During peak-dinner time, it is still like a ‘war-zone’ and EVERY staff has that hurried, kancheong look.

JB Ah Meng originated from Singapore, and has nothing to do with Singapore’s favourite orangutan.

Accordingly, the chefs from JB Ah Meng are from across the Causeway, and cook in feisty Malaysian style with wok-hei

The eatery was listed under the Singapore Michelin Bib Gourmand Guide 2016 – even the Ang Moh inspectors take pleasure.

Just in case you are a tourist to Singapore, Geylang is considered a ‘red-light’ district, but an area which promises loads of good food.

JB Ah Meng has a number of ‘star’ signature dishes – JB San Lou Meehoon, White Pepper Crab, Salted Egg Prawn Roll, Fried Fish Head, and 3 Delicacy Beancurd.

If you are a first timer here, you should order at least one of the above.

I heard a statement that “If JB Ah Meng’s White Pepper Crab is 2nd best nobody will claim to be the 1st.” Is that even true?

As I wanted to leave space for other dishes, I ordered one crab which cost me $42.

Note for food instagrammers: these crabs are not as photogenic as the usual ones, coming messy coated in a grey coloured sauce, not properly plated.

The crab was of a smaller-than-the-usual-Sri-Lankan-crab size.

After chomping down those sweet crab meat tossed in piquant kick of white pepper, I reckoned there was some truth in that earlier statement.

What I liked was that the white pepper did not overcome the sweetness freshness of the crab meat.

The crab could be of bigger sizes, boosting more succulent meat, but the power sauce would make you overlook that. Hate using this phrase, but this was finger-licking-good.

The JB San Lou Mee Hoon ($7/$11/$14) looked like a plate of flat mess (simi lai?) or a pancake gone wrong, but you know, the taste is quite the opposite.

Fried with shrimps, egg and vegetables at the bottom, there was a play of textures of both thin crisp and moist. Also, the darker the colour of the vermicelli, the more flavours it had absorbed. $7 of goodness.

The Salted Egg Prawn Roll ($20/$30/$40) didn’t arrive exactly how I would have imagine…”Where’s the roll? Is this it? So little?”

BUT, this was a version where the salted egg yolk merged beautifully with the crisp batter.

The two are totally different in personally like Yang Guo meeting Little Dragon Girl, but coming together wrapping around prawns and corn kernels, that would be swept away clean fast.

As for the Fried Fish Head ($16/$24/$32), that was that one dish that I thought paled in comparison.

Not that it was any bad, the deep fried blocks of fish head stir-fried with spring onions lacked that element of uniqueness.

Good to announce that JB Ah Meng still presents the same good signature dishes, at the same prices, at a more comfortable environment.

Come earlier (say before 6pm), or reserve via phone during say 2 – 3pm. Do not telephone after 5:30pm because nobody will pick up your call.

JB Ah Meng
534 Geylang Road Lor 30 Singapore 389490
Tel: +65 6741 2418
Opening Hours: 5pm – 2:15am (Mon – Sun)

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