[Taipei, Taiwan] Since everyone is talking about Scooting off to Taiwan at $88, I have my own visions of what to do when I first reach Taipei – rush off to Ximending to eat Ji Guang Xiang Xiang Ji 继光香香鸡!

Talking about fried chicken street food, Taiwan Hotstar Hao Da’s super large XXL chicken cutlet, and Singapore’s version of Shilin chicken cutlet with powered spices are popular favourites. So what’s this Xiang Xiang Ji (literally ‘fragrance fragrance chicken’)?

Jiguang’s savoury chicken was founded at Taichung since 1973, almost 40 years in the business! Their bites are bigger than popcorn chicken, somewhat like packet Japanese Karage, BUT only better. (It’s seldom I say something Taiwanese is better than Japanese.)

I was attracted to this kiosk with big red signboard near Ximending train station by its fragrance, which I can smell from metres away.

Their chicken at 55NT ($2.30) for small and 100NT for large ($4.20) pack, is deep fried till yellowish golden brown, sprinkled with pepper specially made with some Chinese medicinal herbs, with the chicken breast meat being all super moist, juicy and tender.

The chicken breast is freshly packed, and it is so soft that you can eat the chicken cartilage. They also do not double-fry their meat pieces, and oil is changed daily.

The recipe is a heavily guarded one, said to use more than 10 spices. Looks like not only Colonel Sanders has secrets. Have you tried Jiguang Xiang Xiang Ji? Do you love it? Tell me “Yes!”.

Updated: Ji Guang Xiang Xiang Ji will be coming to Singapore 0ct 2013 at Tiong Bahru Plaza!

Ji Guang Xiang Xiang Ji 继光香香鸡
Taichung Head Office: 41157 Sunbeam Road, Taiping City, Taichung County, No. 62 Tel:0800-200 525 FAX :04-23.95503

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  1. i love to cook chicken but I have tried most of the main land traditional way. I will try to see whether I can make it at home. Nice recipe and photos.

  2. I tried this at ximemding when I travel to Taiwan…really juicy and delicious fried chicken.
    Miss the taste so much….


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