Wow, wow, wow! Last week I blogged about The #CookForFamily Initiative, and there are now 83 bloggers who have joined the initiative, 17 bloggers away from a 100!

The #CookForFamily is a bloggers-for-bloggers initiative, created with a simple objective of getting more bloggers, and hopefully their fans and followers, to start cooking and bonding with their families.

To be part of it, you just have to cook for your family, blog about it on 6th August Monday, and hashtag all social media channels with #CookForFamily.

A few FAQS
What should I blog about?
Recipes, experiences, reflection, event – I would leave it up to you as all of you have your own style. Our main objective is to encourage readers to cook for their own families.

Why 6th August Mon?
It is a purely random date. No rocket science behind the logic. I was hoping if everybody posts, say between 10am-12pm on 6th Aug and RT everybody else, we may stand a good chance to be trending.

Why am I wasting time doing this?
There is a long story behind. Long story short – many of us bloggers (I am so guility) spend so much time outside attending events, eating all the good food, that sometimes we just forget about to share some time with people who care most about us.

Some bloggers have also suggested that we bloggers should come together to do something meaningful, rather than just rant and b**** about others. So this is it – hopefully this is a start to more initiatives in the future.

I can’t cook! How?
I really don’t think it is about cooking something fantastic. Sometimes, I believe our loved ones would appreciate a simple toast & ham in the morning, a fruit juice we blended, anything. It’s always the thought that counts.

Who are involved in this initiative?
There are 83 Bloggers in #CookForFamily! They are:
365days2play (Dawn Huang), A Juggling Mom (Susan), A Winsome Life (Melvin & Jacqueline), A&W Couple’s Blog (Abbey & Will), Acquisition of Taste (Andy and Ashley), AiMakan (Hazel Tay), Alvinology (Alvin Lim), An Escape To Food (HL Tay), AnythingAlsoEat (CY), AromaCookery (Julia Khoo), AspirantSG (Wee Heng), Calvin Timo, Celestial Delish (Celes Fernandez), Cheekiemonkie (Kelvin), Cheryl Wee Xin Hui, Chrispytine (Christine), Cookieologic (Huijin), Cooksnapeatlove (Jacob Leong), Cuisine Paradise (Ellena Guan), Danny Love To Eat (Danny Tan), Darren Bloggie, Delicious Soup Recipes (Dominique Goh), Dream2breakaway (Ying Zi), Fighting Fires & Baking Buns, Flora Yeo, Food Friend Or Foe (Brenda), Food.Recentrunes (Ivan Ng), Foodie Ah, Foodie’s Kitchen, Foodoshoot (Charlene Chew), G.Nome Chromosome, Gastronautdiary (David Yip), Gninethree (Charleen), HazelHearts (Hazel), HazelNutLife (Hazel Lam). HisFoodBlog (Rayner Ng), iisjong (Joey Ong), J Babies Dad (Isaiah), Jessie Food Trip (Ong Meng Ching), Justin Daniel Pereira (Gourmetestorie), Keropokman (Philip Lim), Lady J’s Musings (Joanne), Le Petit Connoisseur (Stargirl), Lobster Paints (Shi Ting), Lovin Greens (Huiyuan), Maameemoomoo (Sherie), Mamawearpapashirt (June), Melicacy (Melissa Koh), Memoirs Of Food (Daniel Hung), Mint Leong, Miss Tam Chiak (Maureen Ow), MissyGlutton , MoonBerry (Irene), Ms SkinnyFat (Cheryl Ng), Msfoodaholic (Karina Lee), Mummy Blogs (Sandra Tan), Perhaps Always (Samuel), Pling Thinks (Tracy Chua), Priscias (Priscilla), Raising Rock Star, RubbishEatRubbishGrow (Nathanael Ho), Rynaque, Sarahs Loft (Sarah Khaw), Seng Kang Babies (Andy), SgFoodonFoot (Derrick Tan), Slurp (Jason), Smithankyou (Smith Leong), Story of Bing, Superfinefeline (Karen), Teru2xBozu Goes Hungry, That Silver Girl (Silver Ang), The Dead Cockroach, The Dessert Prince (Edward), The Dining Table (Javan), The Dirty Stall, The Food Canon (Terry Wong), The Gingerbread Mum (Adora Tan), The Hungry Cow (LeRoy), The Love of my Life, Little DinoEgg (Jenn Lim), You Got Me Blogging (Razlan), Yumyumformytumtum (Peter Oh)

If you are interested in joining, leave me an email ( or a comment below with your email saying “Yes, I Want To Cook For My Family!”

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