What does Love, Joy & Coffee remind you of?

It may remind people of cosy mornings, intimate conversations, and a sense of contentment that comes from enjoying simple pleasures.

Tucked away in a corner at Level 2 of Velocity @ Novena Square, the newly opened Love, Joy & Coffee café brings a warm and comforting presence to the bustling area of Novena.

Love, Joy & Coffee - Novena Café 01

It is actually sister café to Grace Espresso at River Valley which I have a soft spot for and written about when it first opened, though I was slightly surprised they chose to open in a mall. (The team used to helm Handcraft Coffee at Everton Park as well.)

Love, Joy & Coffee - Novena Café 02

Located near Liv Activ and a level below the food court side, it promises a cozy escape from the busy shopping center with its good coffee and charming interior.

Love, Joy & Coffee - Novena Café 03

The café opens its doors at 8am, aiming to bring joy to the Novena community, one cup at a time.

Love, Joy & Coffee - Novena Café 04

Something to note is that the cafe’s configuration – it is slightly strange offering seating on different sides.

The young staff provided with recommendations and attentive service that is friendly without being intrusive.

Love, Joy & Coffee - Novena Café 05

The menu features a mix of Hoagie Rolls, Light Breakfast, and Brioche French Toast.

Hoagie rolls are a type of long, soft bread roll that is commonly used for making sandwiches, particularly in the United States – typically soft on the inside with a slightly chewy crust on the outside.

The Hoagie Rolls come with choices such as Dragonball Sub, Mustard Chicken, Yogurt Chicken, Truffle Mushroom, and Spicy Tuna, priced from $10.80 to $12.50.

Love, Joy & Coffee - Novena Café 06

I indulged in the Dragonball Sub ($11.80), a delightful serving of homemade meatballs in marinara sauce, topped with melted mozzarella.

Loved the softness of the bread and the overall flavours was rich and tasty, offering a sensation that pleasantly reminded me of pizza (without the crunchy base).

Love, Joy & Coffee - Novena Café 07

The Brioche French Toast also piqued my interest. With options like Beef Rendang, Creamy Mushroom Toast, Brekkie French Toast, or Dessert French Toast, priced from $14.80 to $16.80.

Love, Joy & Coffee - Novena Café 08

It was a tough decision (something else’s tough too), and finally settled on the Beef Rendang ($16.80) that came with homemade beef rendang with melted mozzarella cheese and scrambled eggs.

Love, Joy & Coffee - Novena Café 09

The bread had a slight sweetness that complemented the creamy eggs, though I found myself wishing some pieces of the beef were less dry and tough.

Love, Joy & Coffee - Novena Café 10

Love, Joy & Coffee presents itself as a cozy nook within Novena Square, where one can escape into a quieter world in a mall.

Love, Joy & Coffee - Novena Café 11

Love, Joy & Coffee
Velocity @ Novena Square #02-K9, 238 Thomson Road, Singapore 307683
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

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