Velocity@Novena Square is not merely a shopping destination but a bustling hub that brings a gourmet paradise to both locals and travellers alike.

A myriad of F&B options is available, from quick grab-and-go snacks to leisurely sit-down meals.

Look out for new dining spots, such as the widely-loved Omoté, the indulgent TungLok Peking Duck, and Hometown Ma La Tang & Ma La Hotpot.

For Japanese food lovers, the much-anticipated Unatoto known for Unagi has just launched.

Adding to the brew is Love, Joy & Coffee offering a cozy enclave for coffee aficionados; and sweet temptations at Mister Donut.

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Hungry for more? Check out the following 10 restaurants and cafes at Velocity@Novena Square:

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Velocity@Novena Square #03-09
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2pm, 5:30pm – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

Omoté is where Japanese cuisine is offered with a modern twist, where traditional meets the contemporary.

The outlet at Velocity@Novena Square has a “rooftop Izakaya fusion” concept, and is spacious for group outings.

New to Omoté? It offers various classics from the Umami Soy Chirashi, Truffle Roasted Garlic Chirashi, Spicy Lobster Triple Chirashi, to Tamago Mentai Chirashi.

Get the Salmon Booster Chirashi ($25.80) with generous cubes of assorted sashimi in savoury roasted soy marinade, topped with thick, tender slices of salmon paired with the slight salty pop of ikura. Oishii!

I also enjoyed the Spicy Yakiniku Don ($19.80) for the robust spicy sauce which is quite different from the usual. Tender prime beef stir-fried with onions rested on the fluffy rice, marrying heat with meaty sweetness.

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TungLok Peking Duck
Velocity@Novena Square #02-11
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30am – 3pm Last order 2:30pm, Dinner 5:30pm – 10pm Last order 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

TungLok Peking Duck takes diners on a culinary journey, marrying premium Chinese cuisine with contemporary twists.

Its signature dish, the Peking Duck ($98 for whole) establishes itself as a must-try.

Notably, TungLok is the first restaurant in Singapore to serve the Peking Duck using the distinguished Irish Duck from Silver Hill Farm.

I would recommend savouring this Peking Duck in three exquisite ways. First, dip the crispy skin into a unique blueberry sauce and a subsequent “Popping Rocks” dip. Be surprised by the sensation.

Next, enjoy the meat with homemade mustard or sweet dark sauce.

Or you can combine the duck thigh meat with ingredients and condiments from the ‘Eight Treasures Box’ in a wheat wrap. My favourite is this.

The menu also stars dishes like the Wok-fried Truffle Australian Wagyu Beef Cubes and Pecan Nuts ($58.80), Grilled Lamb with Cumin and Coriander ($32.80), Seafood Millet Rice in Claypot ($38.80), and Braised Sea Cucumber with King Oyster Mushroom ($88.80) – each promising a distinct, luxurious taste experience.

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Xin Wang Hong Kong Café
Velocity@Novena Square #01-09
Opening Hours: 7am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Xin Wang Hong Kong Café presents a contemporary twist to the traditional Hong Kong cha chaan teng.

Do you know it is open for all-day dining from the early hours of 7am?

Navigating the extensive, budget-friendly menu, there is a range of options, whether you are seeking local favourites from Hong Kong and Macau cafes, dim sum, or a taste of comforting Western food.

One noteworthy dish is the Homemade Papaya Soup Bee Hoon ($9.90 onwards), especially when you feel like having something light yet satisfying. The soup has a slightly sweet flavour profile from the papaya and corn.

It can be complemented with a protein choice of luncheon meat and egg, chicken chop and egg, or pork chop and egg.

Additionally, the XO Fried Carrot Cake ($8.90), Char-grilled Chicken Chop Hotplate ($12.90), Olive Fried Rice with Pork Chop ($11.90), Honey Butter French Toast ($4.90), stand out as items worth exploring on the menu. Quench your thirst with Iced HK Milk Tea ($3.90).

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10 Must-Eats At Velocity@Novena Square 09

Hometown Ma La Tang & Ma La Hotpot
Velocity@Novena Square #02-26
Opening Hours: 10am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

A gentle aroma of simmering spices and huge display of ingredients would greet you as you step into Hometown Ma La Tang & Ma La Hotpot.

Their menu takes pride in two signature offerings: the wok-fried Ma La Xiang Guo and the Ma La Tang – its soul-soothing soup counterpart.

A diverse and vibrant array of ingredients – from crisp vegetables and succulent meats to a delightful selection of seafood, meatballs, and noodles can be chosen.

Ingredients are priced at a reasonable $2.68 per 100g, while customers can also indicate the level of spiciness.

Their Ma La soup base, is a drinkable version without being too salty or greasy.

And for those who lean away from spice, there is also a selection of alternative soup bases like Tom Yum, Pork Bone, Tomato, and Pickled Vegetable ready to delight.

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10 Must-Eats At Velocity@Novena Square 11

Mister Donut
Velocity@Novena Square #01-72
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm or sold out (Mon – Sun)

The famed Mister Donut at Velocity@Novena Square is more than just a donut kiosk – it comes with an extended café space and comfy seats.

If you are a first timer to Mister Donut, then go straight for the “Pon De Ring”. For something special, then pick the Singapore-exclusive treats – Pon De Ring Chocolate and Strawberry Chocolate.

Imagine a donut with mochi centre – softer and chewier. They offer different flavours like strawberry and chocolate, but the classic one – simple and sweet is always recommended.

Not to be overlooked, there are also the Yeast Donuts with a lineup of exciting choices like Honey Dip, Sugar Raised, Chocolate Ring, Strawberry Ring, Angel Cream and Custard Cream.

Each donut is priced between $2.30 and $2.50, and they offer sweet deals if you are grabbing a few – $14 for half a dozen or 10 for $23.

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10 Must-Eats At Velocity@Novena Square 13

Love, Joy & Coffee
Velocity@Novena Square #02-K9
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon – Thurs), 8am – 6:30pm (Fri), 10am – 6:30pm (Sat), 10am – 6pm (Sun)

In the cosy corner of Level 2, Love, Joy & Coffee, the charming sister café to Grace Espresso can be found.

It pours not just cups of coffee but also moments of delight into the bustling Novena community.

Hoagie Rolls ($10.80 onwards) make an appearance on their menu, providing a substantial bite to accompany the aromatic coffees.

These elongated bread rolls, crisp on the outside yet pillowy soft within, cradle a variety of vibrant fillings like the robust beef meatballs in marinara sauce, tangy mustard chicken, subtly spiced yogurt chicken, or the earthy truffle mushroom.

I enjoyed the Brioche French Toast too. The Creamy Mushroom Toast ($16.80) presented creamy scrambled eggs and robust garlic, mingling with the buttery brioche.

There are also the Beef Rendang Toast ($16.80) which veers towards the hearty, while the Brekkie French Toast ($14.80) introduces smooth Greek yogurt and crunchy homemade granola.

A finale at Love, Joy & Coffee might well be the Strawberry Tiramisu ($10.80), where layers of sweet, fresh strawberries, luscious homemade strawberry compote, velvety mascarpone cheese, light whipped cream, and crisp ladyfinger biscuit converge.

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A-Roy Thai Restaurant
Velocity@Novena Square #03-61
Opening Hours: 11am – 3pm, 5:30pm – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

A family-friendly venue on Level 3, A-Roy Thai Restaurant has been dishing out authentic Thai cuisine for over three decades, masterfully prepared by a dedicated team of Thai chefs.

Start your feast with their signature Lemongrass Salad ($15.90), in which vibrant flavours dance with a tantalising blend of sweetness and tartness.

Other signature dishes include the Steam Seabass with Spicy and Sour Soup ($35.90), Thai Green Curry ($15.90), Thai Thick Red Curry ($15.90) and Tom Yum Soup ($15.90).

Let’s linger a moment longer on the Ho Mok Maphrao Aon ($18.90) – an aromatic Seafood Otah in Coconut. The coconut shell, not just a container but an integral part of the presentation, lends its subtle, sweet flavour to the creamy seafood fillings.

A proper Thai meal advocates a sweet finish. Order the Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk ($10.90) which has the subtle sweetness of ripe mangoes with the creamy decadence of coconut milk.

And for the durian fans, there is always the Durian Sticky Rice.

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10 Must-Eats At Velocity@Novena Square 17

Hana-K Food
Velocity@Novena Square #02-25
Opening Hours: 10am – 3pm, 5pm – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Founded since 2013, this Korean food casual eatery has been showering its customers with a wide array of traditional Korean dishes, brimming with authenticity and warmth.

For those who come with your family or friends, the sharing sets, like the robust Kimchi Set, Jjam Jja Set, Bunsik Set, or the tempting DakGangJeong Set, offer a bounty of dishes without burdening your wallet, with prices starting at a modest $29.20.

The Ginseng Chicken Soup ($18.40), also known as samgyetang, contains half a tender chicken, generously stuffed with sticky rice and submerged in a broth, fragrant with herbs and subtle, earthy notes.

The menu’s other offerings, including a diverse range of soups like Spicy Tofu Soup and Bean Paste Soup, further underscore the restaurant’s dedication to healthful offerings.

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10 Must-Eats At Velocity@Novena Square 19

Tomi Sushi
Velocity@Novena Square #02-76
Opening Hours: 11:45am – 2:30pm, 5:45pm – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Originating in 1954 from the revered Niigata prefecture, Tomi Sushi serves up an extensive Japanese food menu.

There is also a selection of lunch specials that provide more value-for-the-money, from Sushi Bento, Nigiri Sakura, to Chirashi Lunch.

Worthy to note that they brew their own traditional soy sauce, a fragrant and balanced concoction that elevates the sushi without overpowering the delicate fish.

A special sauce is exclusively crafted for sashimi, paying homage to the unadulterated flavours of freshly imported fish, which are carefully paired with 100% Niigata Koshihikari rice.

Recommended is their Assorted Tuna Sushi, or “Maguro Zanmai” ($65) which is not merely a dish but an experience. The plate features the luxuriously rich and melt-in-the-mouth meat of the Southern blue fin tuna.

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Velocity@Novena Square #01-84
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Unatoto is renowned as one of Japan’s most beloved fast-food chains specializing in Unagi, with a staggering presence of over 100 outlets scattered across Japan and Southeast Asia,

The Unadon Double emerges as a must-try, especially for those who desire a hearty and satisfying bowl.

Here, a generous cut of grilled unagi, meticulously glazed with soy sauce and skilfully grilled to a glistening, nestles atop a bed of Japanese rice.

Diners can expect to explore beyond the unagi and dive into other tempura dishes, such as the Ebi Tempura Don and the Ebi and Seasonal Vegetable Tempura Don, promising a crunch and lightness.

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Velocity@Novena Square.


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