When was the last time that you had a good bagel?

My first bagel experience was with Two Men Bagel when they first started out in 2014 at Icon Village, Tanjong Pagar.

While they serve delicious bagels, back then I was concerned if they would survive the harsh F&B scene, for bagels weren’t really trendy.

Luckily for them, they have managed to secure their following and now even found a new home at Royal Square, Novena.

The range of bagel selection at Novena slightly differs from Tanjong Pagar, placing more emphasis on hearty meat-based bagels.

One can first choose from the choice of plain, salt, seeded or multi grain bagel as the base.

I went with the Smoked Haddock ($13) mixed with their house-concocted “special sauce” that bears resemblance to vinaigrette due to its tangy flavour.

A balanced bagel which tasted somewhat like tuna mayo sandwich. But the fish came with a more defined bite texture, adds the smoky aroma which cuts through the overall flavour nicely.

Definitely left a deep impression.

On the other hand, the Sticky BBQ Ribs ($14) with braised red cabbage, roasted pineapples and smoked mayo, while sounded good on menu, turned out to be slightly overkill.

The overall taste was generally fine, but I felt that each of the ingredient came with its own heavy-flavoured dressing and were competing for attention.

Which I did felt “jelak” (rich) after a few mouthful.

I also expected the meat from pork ribs to be “melt-in-your-mouth”, though it turned out to be slightly tough for my liking.

What actually took me by surprise was their humble looking bowl of Corn Chowder ($5). While its presentation can be further improved, the broth was packed filled with corn’s natural sweetness and carried a slightly charred fragrance.

Similar to the drinks, I was recommended to this unassuming looking cup of Peanut Butter Shake ($7) which was mind blowing with roasted peanut and butter savouriness.

Very much the calorie bomb, but it was all worth it.

While I still very much enjoyed their bagels, the only downside was that it could be a very messy dining experience due to all the overflowing meat sauces.

Two Men Bagel House 2.0
103 Irrawaddy Road #01-04, Royal Square, Singapore 329566
Tel: +65 6251 6601
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon to Fri), 9am – 6pm (Sat & Sun)

* Written by Lewis Tan @juicyfingers, a self-proclaimed coffee addict. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.



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