What’s Jane Deer?

It is the Chinese-style dessert shop 简鹿糖水铺 located prominently across Bugis Junction which replaced Jin Jin Eating House.

Painted in striking Tiffany green, providing a wide spread of desserts, and opened till 12:30am every day, Jane Deer is probably trying to get a pie of the vibrant dessert market in the area.

The store which was established in 2018, set up more than 100 outlets by end of 2020 in China, with overseas branches in Dubai, The Philippines and Milan.

Just down Liang Seah Street, there are already well-established Ah Chew Desserts and Dessert First. (Though Honeymoon Dessert previously across the road at Bugis Junction has ended operations – a pity.)

Its vibes, direction and offerings may remind many of Smile Dessert 酒窝甜品, also a short walk away.

The consolation is, the speed of the dessert arriving to the table was much, much faster than Smile was.

Jane Deer’s menu is wide ranging from Shaved Ice, Tapioca Pudding, Coconut Jelly, Grass Jelly, Toasts, Snacks and Drinks.

On the recommended menu are Fruit Taro with Herb ($9.80), The Bath Teddy Bear ($9.80), Fairy Hot Pot ($22.80), Jane Eyre’s Six Signs ($18.80), The Claw Taro Bowl ($9.80), and Hong Kong Style Lemon Red ($6.80).

They placed quite some emphasis on presentation.

Prices seem on the higher side though. A bowl of Red Bean Paste is at $6.80, easily double or triple the price of some other dessert shops. A White Fungus Pear Peach Gum is at $12.80.

Practically wanting something for my Instagram feed, I had The Bath Teddy Bear ($9.80) with what it seems is a taro ball ”fen yuan” dessert with an iced bear in a container shaped like a bath tub.

Cute. The bear looked like it was enjoying an American Beauty moment, or drowning in sorrows – depending on how you see it.

Unfortunately, the coconut base was quite diluted and lacked body, and some of the pieces were a little on the harder side. Good for the gram though.

The flat-tasting coconut milk base was unfortunately consistent in the Jane Deer Blue Crystal Dessert ($6.80) with pieces of jiggly bright blue jelly pieces.

The blue jelly dessert can also be found in the Jane Eyre’s Six Signs which serves an assorted of 6 bowls of their best-sellers. Something to order if you are sharing with a group of friends.

At least the Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo ($6.80) or Yang Zhi Gan Lu was not that bad, being moderately creamy and sweet mangoes.

Here’s the thing: in a good dessert Chinese stall, you can taste the varied layers of sweetness from the different fruits, coconut, and other ingredients added.

There’s just that something missing in terms of balance here, and a tad one-dimensional.

To be fair, I have yet to try most items from the wide range of desserts here (should I?), so there can be probably something good out there. Google reviews seems mixed with hits and misses.


Jane Deer 简鹿糖水铺
496 North Bridge Road #01-01/#02-02 Singapore 188739
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 12:30am (Mon – Sun)

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