Both Katong and Joo Chiat are the most happenings districts for cafe goers in the East.

Adding to the list in the East Coast Plan, traditional dessert store Wan Mei 碗美 has joined latest openings of Chin Mee Chin and Awfully Chocolate Bakery & Café along East Coast Road. Also don’t forget about local dessert shop Jin Yu Man Tang at The Flow.

Located at Odeon Katong, Wan Mei can accommodate 4 tables indoors and 3 tables outdoors for dine-in customers.

Wan Mei 碗美 is a play of the words 完美 which means “perfect”, hoping that each bowl of dessert is perfect too.

Their focus is on Chinese traditional desserts such as Orh Nee ($5), Peach Gum ($5), Black Sesame Paste ($4) and Ching Tng ($4) for their Hot dessert menu.

Their selection of Cold desserts is more interesting, such as Red Tea Jelly Ice Dessert ($4), Yuzu or Lychee Ice Dessert ($5) and their signature Wan Mei Snow Ice Set ($8).

The highlight is definitely their Wan Mei Snow Ice Set ($8) that comes in 8 different flavours with 1 complimentary sauce and 3 toppings.

Available in Chocolate, Hokkaido Milk, Mango, Matcha, Milo Dino, Peanut, Rockmelon and Strawberry, the snow ice is thinly shaved in the form of sheets, like the Taiwanese Chua Bing dessert.

The sheets-like shaved ice was soft and milky without feeling icy, yet it was slightly creamy without being too overwhelming.

I had the matcha flavour which was more subtle, with a more distinctive milk taste.

Diners can choose from various sauces such as Calpis, Chocolate, Milk, Gula Melaka, Lychee, Mango, Passionfruit, Sour Plum, Soursop and Strawberry.

With 24 toppings to choose from, interesting ones that are not commonly found in traditional desserts include the Lychee/ Mango “hor fun” which are thin noodle-like sheets of jelly and Lotus Biscoff, Oreo crumbles, fancy gems and Xiao Man Tou.

Served separately on the side, customers can choose the amount of toppings they want to add to their snow ice and adjust accordingly to their personal preference.

Both the Red Tea Jelly with distinctive tea taste and the wobbly texture of the Mango “hor fun” were interesting and memorable.

The Yuzu Ice Dessert ($5) is worth a mention, that comes with yuzu ice granita, topped with Nata de coco, lychee “hor fun” and mango bursters.

The ice granita was quite refined and not as icy as an ice kacang, packed with very distinctive citrus lime taste.

The toppings are quite unique with different shapes and textures that add some complexity to the dessert.

This light and refreshing dessert would be perfect on a hot, sunny day.

The usual safe options such as Orh Nee ($5) that comes with yam paste, sweet potato and gingko nuts and Mango Sago Pomelo ($5) can be found on the menu.

Nothing too fancy, the latter comes with mango cubes, pomelo, mango pearls and sago pearls for more textures.

With interesting options on the menu that differentiates themselves from other traditional dessert stores, Wan Mei 碗美 can be a perfect(完美)dessert spot after meals.

Wan Mei 碗美
Odeon Katong, 11 East Coast Road, #01-14, Singapore 428722
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10:30pm (Wed – Mon), Closed Tues

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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