Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert Shop 金玉满堂甜品 at East Coast which has earned relative popularity for its quality local-style desserts, has opened a second outlet at South Bridge Road near Chinatown.

There are a number of notable local dessert shops that opened in the last few years or so, with the notable names being Yatkayan (Middle Road), Tian Wang 甜旺 (Jalan Besar), Sweet Hut 甜秘密 (Geylang), Sweet Thoughts by M.O.D (Hougang), and Chow Zan Dessert (North Bridge Road).

With over 100 items on the menu, Jin Yu Man Tang offers wide-ranging categories of Double Layer Milk Pudding, Peach Gum Series, Fried Custard, Sago Milk, Grass Jelly, Chinese Herbal Jelly, Taro Ball & Jelly, to Milk with Clear Jelly.

(I went to count, excluding drinks, there are 111 dessert items.)

In case you missed it, there are also savoury snacks of Hong Kong Style Curry Fish Ball ($4), Lao Mian with Chicken Wingettes ($4.50), to Soya Sauce Chee Cheong Fun ($3.80).

Some of the recommended items include Shun De Double Layer Milk Pudding ($3.60), Signature Ginger Milk Pudding ($4.20), Fried Custard ($4.50), Taro Sago ($4.20), Sesame Paste with Sesame Rice Ball ($5), Peach Gum with Milk ($4.50), Taro Ball with Grass Jelly ($3.60), and Mango Sago Pomelo ($5.20).

It is fair enough to say that Mango Sago Pomelo ($5.20) aka ”Yang Zhi Gan Lu” is one of Singapore’s favourite Chinese-style dessert.

Their version came with grapefruit pulp, which provided that slightly-bitter and tart taste which complemented the sweet, fresh mangoes.

The signature Shun De Double Layer Milk ($3.60) originated from Shunde in Foshan China. You can also choose other toppings such as red bean, mango, lotus seeds, walnut, almond, and papaya.

The milk pudding was incredibly soft, and melt-in-your-mouth. It does remind me of Hong Kong’s Yee Shun Milk Company, except that this may in fact be even softer.

I also enjoyed that the desserts here, are generally not too sweet. There is also quite a sizable and comfortable area to hang out after a meal at nearby Maxwell Food Centre and Chinatown.


Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert Shop 金玉满堂甜品
291 South Bridge Road Singapore
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

66 East Coast Road, The Flow #01-03 Singapore 428778
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)

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