[Taipei, Taiwan] It is not surprising to see long queues at popular breakfast places in Taipei such as Fu Hang Dou Jiang 阜杭豆漿 since breakfast is supposedly considered the most important meal of the day.

However, the surprising thing is how some Taiwanese cafes can make their local breakfast look so appetising, or should I say “Instagram-worthy”.

One such example is the molten cheese “waterfall” at 可蜜達 Comida 炭烤吐司 that has recently gone viral on the net.

It is not just for aesthetics – all looks, and no substance.

Reviews were mostly positive online, ranging from “the motivation to wake up early in the morning”, “so comforting”, to “so therapeutic”. I wished my breakfast was therapeutic as well.

Located at Linsen North Road at Zhongshan District, everything on Comida’s menu is freshly made ala minute in their small kitchen, which explains why the waiting time could take up to 30 – 40 minutes for a basic toast.

The menu is straightforward, but only written in Chinese which can be difficult for some tourists to order.

With many different combinations of toast, cheese and egg that come in half-boiled, full-boiled, the best-sellers include Quadruple Combo Cheese, Pork and Scrambled Egg Toast (TWD85, SGD$3.90) and Double Combo Cheese and Pork Toast (TWD70, SGD$3.20).

All are only available for dine-in.

Cheese lovers will need to beat the crowd to secure a seat out of the 10 seats available to get their hands on the best-sellers, as those two items are also not available for take-away.

Making my way there at 7.30am on a weekday morning (and I know I’m late), the queue was quite manageable with about 5-6 people in queue.

Simple “chope” a seat, note down your orders on the order chit, queue to make payment and the countdown begins.

The anticipation of a towering toast with lots of cheese oozing out was real. Especially when the wait was at least half an hour long.

The highlight of the Quadruple Combo Cheese, Pork and Scrambled Egg Toast (TWD85, SGD$3.90) lied in the thin sliced pork, marinated with a sweet and savoury sauce.

The pork was tender and flavourful, combined with the oozing cheese to balance out the “jelak-ness” (richness).

Definitely a hearty meal for breakfast.

The basic Cheese, Pork, Egg Toast (TWD60, SGD$2.70) that came in either half-boiled or full-boiled egg, was as delightful and suitable to eat on the go.

It might not look as impressive as the Quadruple Combo Cheese, Pork and Scrambled Egg Toast (TWD85, SGD$3.90) but the former still retained the natural sweetness from the pork.

Definitely worth a revisit for other breakfast items, if I can wake up early to beat the crowd.

中山區林森北路310巷24號, Taipei, Taiwan
No. 24, Lane 310, Linsen North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Opening Hours: 7am – 12pm (Wed – Fri), Closed Mon – Tue

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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