[Taipei] Braised pork rice aka 滷肉飯 had always been one of the most iconic Taiwanese specialty.

While Jin Feng 金峰滷肉飯 and Formosa Chang aka Hu Xu Zhang 鬍鬚張滷肉飯 are some of the top recommendations online, all of our Taiwanese friends have different preferences.

After trying a few braised pork rice from different eateries, my favourite was neither of the two recommended ones, but Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice 黃記滷肉飯.

The eatery is located next to the small-scale Qingquang market is Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice that had been operating for the past 30 years.

Keep a lookout for their green signboard and long queues during meal times.

Personal thought: Based on the length of the queue, the food should be good right? (Singaporean’s mindset)

There are two different queues: one for takeaways and one for dine-in.

For dining in, grab an order sheet from the counter before searching for a seat inside.

Tick on the order sheet, make payment at the counter and wait for food to be served.

The interior is clean and fully air-conditioned with a total of 36-seating capacity for a comfortable meal.

Prices are very reasonable and recommended dishes include: Braised Pork Rice (TWD30 Small/ TWD40 Large , SGD$1.40 Small/ SGD$1.90 Large), Pork Belly Rice (TWD50, SGD$2.40) and Pork Knuckle (TWD60 Small/ TWD80 Large, SGD$2.80 Small/ SGD$3.80 Large).

The downside of using the order form is that everything is written in Traditional Chinese with no illustrations, which made ordering slightly difficult.

The orders came swiftly, within 5 to 10 minutes.

I regretted not ordering a few more bowls of the Large Braised Pork Rice (TWD40, SGD$1.90), simply because the portion is not as “big” as I thought.

A palm-sized version, drizzled with the “zhup” (braised pork gravy with pork knuckle for extra gooey-ness) and small chunks of fatty braised pork and shredded lean braised pork for different texture.

So good! The balance of savouriness from the braised pork and sweetness from the short and plump Taiwanese rice as on point.

I felt that the rice matters – so soft, fluffy and irresistible, that I had problems using the chopsticks to eat them.

A spoon, please?

The alluring smell of the braised pork belly at the entrance was hard to miss, especially after witnessing the simmering process while waiting in line to enter.

The Pork Belly Rice (TWD50, SGD$2.40) was exactly the same size as the Large Braised Pork Rice (TWD40, SGD$1.90), with a single slice of pork belly on top of the rice.

Soft and tender meat, that fell apart easily from the chewy layer of fats. I did wish that there was more sauce to go with the rice.

Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice is one of my favourites for legit braised pork rice with reasonable pricing, comfortable ambience and calories-worthy food.

Definitely worth a re-visit.

Huang Ji Braised Pork Rice 黃記魯肉飯
No. 28號, Lane 183, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Opening Hours: 11am – 9.30pm (Tue-Sun), Closed Mon
Google Maps – 黃記魯肉飯

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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