My first Seventh Heaven was at Pasar Bella, which ironically did not bring me to any parts of paradise after having it. The server had problem scooping, and I was given a cup of very airy, less than half-filled ice cream.

Seventh Heaven has actually been around for a number of years, known to develop and craft innovative flavours of ice cream. Their previous choice of locations have always been less than favourable and out of the way, from Raeburn Park, Kaki Bukit, 112 Katong, to the present Orchard Central, Gardens by the Bay and Pasar Bella.

We were at Orchard Central because my friend really wanted The Superman Mudpie ($13.90). “Look at the colours. They make me so happy.”

Indeed, the four-coloured blue, red, yellow and brown (the original superman didn’t have brown) mudpie named after our favourite DC Comics character made me happy too. It was so instagram worthy it got onto popular page and broke my personal record.

It is said that the Hershey’s brand of Superman ice-cream contains strawberry, banana and blue moon flavours, and I think Seventh Heaven’s do have traces of those. It remains a secret. The entire thing, while looking like an artificial gigantic paddle-pop, actually tastes better than it looks. Every scoop feels more exciting than the usual chocolate, with hints of banana (?) and other flavours.

There were an equal number of hits and misses though. The Simplicity Waffle ($9.70) was dry and airy, almost feels like eating a thick piece of love letter, compared to the usual moist denser texture.

Seventh Heaven offers flavours like Lychee Martini, Yuzu Sorbet, Kumkat Sorbet, Seasalt Caramel, Passion Fruit, Black Sesame, Butterscotch and Pecan. The Japanese Black Sesame and Matcha flavours worked for me – it is tough to find ice cream that tastes real.

But perhaps they were being too experimental, some of the flavours were cloying sweet, or artificial tasting (like the durian which was somewhat repulsive). Anyway, you can try their flavours before ordering.

Overall, I liked the bright and colourful vibes at Seventh Heaven. You just need to know which ice cream to order, and stick to it. If not, order their Matrix ($29 house decides, $36 you decide) for a sample of 12 best sellers.

Seventh Heaven
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road #02-31/32 Singapore 238896 (Somerset MRT)
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm Daily
Kiosks: Pasarbella at The Grandstand, Garden by the Bay

Other Ice Cream Entries
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Cold Stone Creamery (Orchard Central)
Island Creamery (Serene Centre)
Udders (Thomson Road)
The Daily Scoop (Chip Bee Gardens)


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