Ice cream makes the world go round, really. When you are stressed out or feeling down, sometimes all you need that scoop of ice cream. And at the newly opened Cold Stone Creamery, it is amusement land with cheers that will lift you up.

It was an awkward, but hilarious moment when I was ordering my Chocolate Devotion, and the staff just suddenly broke into song and dance. They sang the all so familiar la-la-la-la Smurf song, We will rock you and that Flintstone theme with the lyrics “Cold Stone, it’s a cold stone, we a modern stone-age family”. Singing-wise, Simon Cowell will go it-is-absolutely-ghastly, but J Lo will praise them for their great energy and entertainment value.

If you need the entire store to sing a birthday song for your best friend, they will probably do.

That is not all. The staff will do some ‘stunts’ on request, throwing ice cream up in the air, and catching it back with their waffle bowl. Apparently, some of them were sent for a 4-week course at the Cold Stone University to learn these tricks. You can even try it on your own. Though mishaps happen, and you may find your precious dessert right On The Floor (very waste yah?).

For those unfamiliar with Cold Stone Creamery, it started way back in 1988 at Tempe, Arizona, has more than 1,400 stores operating worldwide. The store at Orchard Central is Singapore’s first. Their ice cream is made fresh daily, thus ensuring a super-premium quality.

The ice cream will be blended on a frozen granite stone, and you can mix-in various combinations of fruits, nuts, candy, cookies, brownies and peanut butter.

For the tried and tested, go for the Founder’s Favourite which has a combination of pecans, brownie, fudge and caramel blended with smooth and creamy ice cream. It is Ooo La La.

Cold Stone Creamery, 181 Orchard Road, #01-10 Orchard Central, +65 6238 9060
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Daily)

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  1. hi daniel, when they mix the mix-ins into the ice cream on the cold stone,did the quality and texture of the ice cream suffered?

    for example , the ice cream in marble slab creamy never fails to melt on the cold marble surface when they do the mix in. further more, the marble slab crew members did not even mix it in properly, but instead they did only 2 folds and it is already all melty.

  2. Hi Jeremy, I havn’t tried marble slab before. Though from the pictures, you can see that the ice cream still remains quite firm even on the slab. Plus, I liked that you can still taste the crunchiness of the cookies after it is mixed in.

  3. I didn’t have such a luck, i gotten one that started to melt even my first mouthful, and what made it worst, i got a distorted and super tiny waffle cup. 🙁

  4. heh, I went there recently and tried the founder’s favorite, yours look a lil diff than mine cos u used choc ice cream with brownie? that’s a lotta chocolate 🙂
    mine is the sweet-cream or vanilla ice cream with the ingredients you said, brownie is a bit too strong but overall nice


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