Somebody gave me two tubs of ice cream during my birthday – this friend certainly knew what BanBan craved for.

I still distinctly remember it said ‘Pineapple tart’ ice cream in a cute white little tub. It was a life changing experience. Crunchy butter bits with sweet strips of pineapple danced a waltz with vanilla ice cream, and this new year goodie never tasted the same again.

Island Creamery is located at Serene Centre, and constantly visited by young people (eh-em like me) and tertiary students, most coming from nearby my old school (Hwa Chong Ke Ma Ma!). There is so much positive and energetic vibes here, and I do aim to open a café like this one day.

The girls serving ice cream are usually cute and bubbly, but with an occasional bitchy one (could hear her complain and gossip constantly!).  You may spot the friendly looking owner Uncle Stanley right behind, who started this shop to provide quality local flavoured ice cream.

Chendol, Horlicks, Tiger Beer, Bandung, Burnt Caramel, Black Forest, Apple Crumble, Reverse-O and Cookies & Cream are some of the usual flavours. Many adults would throw their calorie-counter out of their windows (temporary), and get excited over so many favourite childhood dessert flavours.

I heart the Pulau Hitam. Somehow it never registered with me when it’s a hot piping dessert, but the cold creamy version was a familiar and sweet experience. Yummy.

Strangely, I never liked Nutella on my toast, but it being in an ice cream sent bursts of excitement if you want something to compliment your chocolate ice cream.

In my most recent visit, I had a Milo Ping Pong and Teh Tarik combination ($4 for 2 scoops) as I wanted to try how my two flavour drinks would taste frozen. Unfortunately, there were too many marshmallow in the Ping Pong ice cream (inspired by Lee Jia Wei is it?) and the Teh Tarik ice cream lacked a strong tea taste. So it felt neither-here-nor-there.

People come here from various reasons: to people watch, to study, to catch up with old friends or to look at pictures. And here’s one of mine I spotted on the wall taken two years ago! (Sigh. When we were still young…) With such delicious ice cream, being here is almost always a happy experience.

Island Creamery, 10 Jalan Serene #01-03 Serene Centre, Tel:+65 6468 8859
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily

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  1. Adorra: Yes, tried both Daily Scoop and Ice Cream Chef. All three have their strengths. Depends on what mood I want. Daily Scoop is more alcholic, an Ice Cream Chef is more fun.

  2. Miss Reporter: Yes, I did notice one or two of the service staff was kind of B**chy.

    I clearly remembered her complaining quite loudly
    “How come today so many customers one?”

  3. Yes yes, agreed. :))

    I think there’s one more in Holland V? I am not too sure the name of the shop though. I realised there are so many ice cream joints opening up nowadays. Almost spoilt for choices!

    Ahh! All of you look different in the photo! I almost didn’t recognise Sam Loh!

  4. Hi Daniel,
    I am selling chendol concentrate. You just need to add water or coconut cream and the drink is ready. Or you may add ice cream to create your own product. The shelf life is one year.

  5. Heyz does island creamery sell waffles or brownies with ice creams? Do u have a list of all the ice cream flavours? 😀

  6. Waffles and Brownies a definite yes. And a Mudpie. I don’t have a list, because the flavours do change. But some of the popular ones (off my head) – Chendol, Coconut, Teh Tarik, Cookies N Cream, Pulut Hitam, Nutella, Tiger Sorbet, Kahlua Latte.


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