Unlike other Thai Express brands Xin Wang, Poulet and Kiseki, Shokudo does not enjoy the same amount of success. I won’t be surprised if some gets it confused with the old marche-style Shokudo Japanese Bazaar at Raffles City.

Yes, Shokudo Japanese Coffee House is the one at Orchard Cineleisure (right up the escalator) and Bugis Junction. A much-needed revamp to its menu has finally arrived.

Flipping through its very extensive menu of over 130 items from starters, pizzas, pastas, hot stone rice, curry rice, maki, rosti, burger, hot plate, udon, dessert and drinks… all 14 pages of it, this reminds me of a everything-also-sell Hong Kong café selection, but Japanese style.

Some customers were ordering this mountain pile of rice, and I told myself “I must have this!” The Mount Fuji Curry Omu Rice ($16.80) is a show-stopper. Come on, rice wrapped with omelette topped with thick beef patty, covered in melting cheese with greens all soaked in Japanese curry? They should call this Mount Curry Eruption.

The blend of thick Japanese curry and cheese together is an amazing pair, as if the plainest rice can also taste good with it. The patty is really thick and juicy, and I think it would take two of me to finish this.

Seems like battered fish fillet burgers are the IN-thing now (spotted it at Grub and Department of Caffeine). Which teen can resist the Ryoshi Fish Burger ($10.80) which has this big slab of deep-fried fish across the bun with a sunny-side up sandwiched in between? Puts all the ‘tiny’ fish burgers to shame.

One of my greatest weaknesses is chicken wings, so I can be a little bias on this. Shokudo’s new Yuzu Chicken Wings ($7.80) served with wasabi mayonnaise has such a deliciously sweet glaze with tender meat, it is clearly my favourite dish that day.

Admittedly, some of the other items are the standard usual safe stuff – such as Unagi Mushroom Cheese Pizza ($14.80) and Seafood Avocado Carbonara Pasta ($15.80) – that should appeal still to the youths and masses. You get the sense that the new menu is trying to ‘play’ around with different versions of the same thing. The rosti alone has 5 different combinations.

While they took away my previous Shokudo favourite which is a Squid Ink Curry Rice, this casual Japanese-western menu hits a right note as there is almost something to order for everyone. Think Hong Kong cafe, Japanese food.

Shokudo Japanese Coffee House
Bugis Junction #01-53 (Bugis MRT) Tel: +65 6338 9216
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 11pm (Sun to Thurs), 11.30am – 12am (Fri & Sat, Eve of PH)

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard #02-06A/B (Somerset MRT) Tel: +65 6736 0971
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 2am (Sun to Thurs), 11.30am – 3am (Fri, Sat & Eve of PH)

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  1. Yuzu Chicken Wings with wasabi mayonnaise! It’s kind of creative for them to integrate so many of my favourite ingredients together, can’t wait to try!

    • the Ryoshi Fish Burger looks impressive! i remember reading you blog about a similar item at GRUB. i would definitely love to try the Shokudo version too. 🙂 and thanks for clearings things up. i always thought the Shokudo at Raffles City was the same as the one at Cineleisure!

      thank you! <3


  2. Couldn't wait to try Shokudo’s new Yuzu Chicken Wings ($7.80) served with wasabi mayonnaise has such a deliciously sweet glaze with tender meat.

  3. Was there with friend last week.
    It’s our second “dinner” cos two of us were not satisfied after a dinner at one of the restaurant at Bugis+

    The Mount Fuji Curry Omu Rice is fantastic, love the thick beef patty.
    Waffle is yummy too.

    Now with the pictures posted, I would want to try the chicken wings and Seafood Avocado Carbonara Pasta. Have never tried pasta with avocado in it.

  4. Definitely the Mount Fuji Curry Omu Rice ! Is that cheese on top? Thinking of double the cheese if going there . =)

  5. Mount Fuji omu curry rice!!! I thought it was just normal Japanese curry rice until you said ‘thick beef patty’ ! Can’t wait to head down and try!!

  6. I would definitely love to try their mount fuji omu curry rice! I love jap curry. And together with beef and omelette and cheese, i would want to try this heavenly combination of food! The yuzu chicken wings sounds very tempting too! 🙂

  7. Patronised Shokudo many times but have yet to have the opportunity to try their Mount Fuji Curry Omu Rice especially after its enticing display which looks like a “food mountain” which is awaiting to be conquered!

  8. Yuzu Chicken Wings served with wasabi mayonnaise certainly sounds like a novelty dish! Love to find out how yuzu blends with wasabi in a single bite!

  9. I would love to try their Mount Fuji Curry Omu rice as it sounds very unique. And it has been a long time since I ate at Shokudu Bugis, hope to go there again!:)

  10. Love curry, love egg, love rice! But how could only satisfy my appetite all at one go? Little did I know that there was Curry Omu Rice on Mount Fuji, can't wait to try!

  11. I would probably wish to try out Unagi Rice Burger as its something special. I love MOS burger and I was hoping to try something similar to this. The egg on top of the unagi rice burger makes the entire burger more complete and bigger..yum yum cant wait to try them out. I believe the unagi with the egg combination will probably be something special that I have yet to try out so far. 😉 looking forward to that ;).

  12. Want to try Shokudo Japanese Coffee House's Yuzu chicken wings. 🙂 Sweet glazed and tender meat, plus plus points 🙂 Thank you Daniel's Food Diary for the great recommendation. All the best for the Singapore Food Blog contest. 🙂

  13. Yuzu Chicken Wings.
    My girlfriend is a BIG lover for Chicken Wings hence would love to win the vouchers and bring her there to munch out soon! 😀

  14. if you didn’t say, I wouldn’t know!
    I want to try the Mount Fuji Curry Omu Rice!

    it looks way toooo tempting just from this picture already!

  15. Seafood Avocado Carbonara Pasta sounds absolutely delish! would love to try since I've always been a fan of their delicious pizzas! <3

  16. I never fail to drink their yuzu tea whenever I visit Shokudo!
    I really love yuzu. Be it ice cream, tea or pastries. I would definitely not miss trying their new item yuzu wings! Hope I can win the vouchers and bring my family for a Japanese treat! 😀


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