Queensway Shopping Centre which is usually visited by Singaporeans for sporting attire and shoes, does offer food choices including Janggut Laksa, 328 Katong Laksa, Queensway Famous Curry Chicken, Hei Lun Shi Tang 黑轮食堂, and well… McDonald’s.

I spotted Sunya & Satya Co. at Level 2, a Japanese-style deli cafe serving the usual favourites and more, which is quite an unlikely find at a place like this.

For a small space, the menu is considered relatively diverse, with its signature items being Bara Bara Chirashi ($17.90), Kusanagi Ramen ($14.90), Mentaiko Pasta ($14.90), Okinawa Taco Rice ($14.90), Hayashi Beef Stew ($14.90), and Maki Rolls ($7.90)

The number-one best-selling item in the cafe is the Hayashi Beef Stew ($14.90) – a combination of Japanese and French cuisine cultures, and probably the item I preferred.

The chunks of beef were stewed to relative tenderness, with rustic style vegetables and served with on top of Japanese rice.

The demi-glace sauce in the stew, especially, gave more complexity to the dish despite no wine added at all – though some may find that special something missing. The hearty stew with rice made a comforting combination.

I also had the Kusanagi Ramen ($14.90), which is made of 100% tori paitan soup. They claimed that they are the first ramen in Singapore that does not contain pork, which is likely not true.

Accordingly, they use an age-old recipe with roots traced to Kusanagi, Shimizu-cho of Shizuoka prefecture made of seven “auspicious” ingredients.

The chicken soup base of the Kusanagi Ramen reminded me of a Chinese-style soup strangely, without the smooth consistency and depth in flavours one would expect.

If you like a quick bite, the composed salads at Sunya & Satya Co. are recommended by the shop.

They are proud of their Japanese Potato ($5.90), a potato salad with house-made sauce that is refreshing and inviting. Other choices are Creamy Macaroni ($5.90), Apple & Crab Slaw ($5.90) and Asian Roast Duck ($5.90).

Being a Japanese cafe, they have plenty of raw fish choices on the menu. Salmon Ikura Don ($16.9) fish roe to top the pieces of salmon sashimi. Bara Chirashi Don ($17.9) is what you would expect, with little cubes of sashimi mixed with the rice.

There is a selection of sashimi elsewhere on the menu. All of Akami Sashimi ($18.9), Mekajiki Sashimi ($18.9) and Salmon Sashimi ($18.9) comes with nine slices. If you cannot make up your mind, the 3 Kinds Sashimi ($18.9) is the answer to your problem.

Overall, Sunya & Satya Co. has some less common dishes at quite reasonable prices.

It adds just a little bit more diversity to the Japanese cafes already on the scene, especially In an unlikely location.

Sunya & Satya Co. スンヤとサティヤコー
Queensway Shopping Centre #02-29, 1 Queensway, Singapore 149053
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 8:30pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary and Dean Ang.


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