Do you know there is a “Flavours of Ishikawa” antenna shop, conveniently located at basement 2 of Takashimaya Shopping Centre?

As this unique Japanese shop approaches its sixth year, it continues to offer an impressive array of over 200 distinctive products, ranging from local delicacies, premium alcohols to exquisite traditional crafts.

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For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, a selection is also available on the “ICHI” website

“Flavours of Ishikawa” also offers an opportunity for locals and visitors alike to contribute.

In the wake of the Noto earthquake, portion of the proceeds from selected items will be directed to the Japanese Red Cross Society at the forefront of aid and rescue operations.

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Ishikawa is a coastal prefecture on the Sea of Japan, a short 2.5 hour train ride away from either Tokyo or Osaka.

It was one of Japan’s leading cultural and economic hubs during the Edo Period and has since retained much of the rich traditional culture.

The area is renowned for its abundance of seafood due to its pristine location, surrounded by the mountains and sea.

Additionally, due to its unique heritage, Ishikawa is a thriving prefecture known for its Japanese crafts and artisans. “Flavors of Ishikawa” acts as a gateway to Ishikawa Prefecture, offering some of its most unique products and crafts.

Here are 15 recommended items and more you can find at “Flavours of Ishikawa”:

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Kanazawa Champion’s Curry ($5.90 for 180g)
Kanazawa Champion’s Curry brings a taste experience with its rich and dark-coloured curry different from the usual Japanese curries you may be familiar with.

You would find that it has a thicker, slightly sweeter flavour profile.

Originating from Ishikawa Prefecture, this famous curry brand has delighted locals and visitors alike for over 50 years, embodying the essence of being “Like no other; it’s the champion!”

Now, you can have the curry conveniently at home.

Available in a convenient packet for easy home preparation, it only takes about 4 minutes to heat up in hot water. Then pour the warm curry over rice, and enjoy.

Add fried cutlet and cabbage to enhance its flavours.

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Temari-zushi ($19.90)
The Temari-zushi offers a convenient solution to sushi cravings without the need to dine out or tackle the intricate sushi-making process at home.

This frozen sushi, rooted in the traditional Oshizushi of Ishikawa Prefecture, showcases a dedication to quality with carefully selected fresh seafood from across Japan, alongside meticulously chosen rice and vinegar.

The result is a product that promises the taste of freshly made sushi right from your freezer.

Preparation is effortlessly simple: just thaw the Temari-zushi at room temperature for about an hour, then enjoy (best consumed within three hours after defrosting for optimal taste).

With options including salmon, shrimp, sea bream, and anago, all flash-frozen to lock in flavour and quality.

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Kagatobi Junmai Daiginjo Ai Sake (Fukumitsuya) ($65.00)
Kagatobi Junmai Daiginjo Ai Sake from Fukumitsuya is a testament to the art of sake brewing, crafted with the finest Yamadanishiki rice.

This luxurious sake, named after the deep indigo blue, offers a cool, refined experience.

Its aroma, reminiscent of a lush meadow, is subtly fruity and gentle on the palate.

The light, crisp mouthfeel combined with a flavour that is rich and engaging makes it a great companion for snacks.

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With a heritage dating back to 1625, Fukumitsuya’s reputation is well-deserved, crafting sakes that are both a pleasure to drink and a reflection of centuries-old brewing mastery.

There are also choices such as Kagatobi Sparkling ($68.00) and Kagatobi Gokkan Junmai Muroka Nama ($48.00).

The smoothness and the lingering finish underscore the mild fruit essence, showcasing the brewery’s commitment to “kire” – a sharp aftertaste that balances dryness with the savoury depth of rice umami.

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Kaga Umeshu (Kobori Brewery) ($20 – $160, depending on size)
Kaga Umeshu from Kobori Brewery is a distinguished plum wine, celebrated for its use of locally sourced, aromatic sockeye plums from Ishikawa Prefecture.

Aged for two years, this Umeshu emerges as a mellow, creamy, and luxurious beverage, accoladed with numerous awards and even featured in Nobel nightcaps and ANA’s first-class international flights.

Crafted with Benisashi plums, known for their deep red hue and rich umami, and purified water from Hakusan’s subsoil.

This plum wine’s blend of flavours can be enjoyed straight, over ice, or as a mixer, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

There are also premium versions, including a 12-year-old and a sparkling variety, which offer diverse tasting experiences.

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Yuzu Otome ($4.00)
If you are looking for Japanese ciders, the Yuzu Otome offers a refreshing take, inspired by the yuzu groves along Kanazawa’s Yuwaku hot spring area.

This drink balances the zesty aroma of yuzu with a moderate sweetness, creating a beverage that is refreshing without being overly sweet.

There are also the Suika Hime ($4.00) with its bold watermelon sweetness; and Shio Cider ($4.00) with an intriguing salty twist crafted using traditional salt from the Noto Peninsula.

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Kutani Ware – Mamezara Small Plates ($18.00 – $22.00)
Kutani Ware’s Mamezara Small Plates blend the rich 360-year history of Kutaniyaki pottery from the Kaga region of Ishikawa Prefecture with modern utility and style.

Celebrated for its splendid colour paintings and unique designs, these wares crafted by skilled artisans who carefully transfer-print each design.

These Mamezara Small Plates are not only perfect for serving sauces, cheese, nuts, and condiments but also enhance the elegance of any meal or bento box with their sophisticated presentation.

Or use them as home décor.

Also look out for including those exclusive to Singapore like the Merlion and Sanrio designs.

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Kutani Design Chopstick Rest ($10 each)
This brings the exquisite artistry of Kutani-yaki from Ishikawa Prefecture into the dining room.

This traditional craft utilises a distinctive overglaze painting technique, setting it apart with bold colours and the unique “Gusu” black lining.

Featuring the characteristic five colours of red, yellow, green, purple, and bitumen, each chopstick rest in the set is a miniature artpiece, showcasing the intricate Japanese art form.

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Kanazawa Haku (Gold Leaf) ($80 – 135)
The Kanazawa Haku Gold Leaf ware and cups are a testament to the enduring craftsmanship and cultural heritage of Kanazawa City, known for its dominance in gold leaf production since the Edo period.

They are a blend of tradition and utility, hand-polished in Tsubame City and meticulously adorned with gold leaf by artisans in Kanazawa.

This process not only highlights the skill involved but also ensures that each piece is unique.

A recommended gift is the Kanazawa Gold Leaf Copper Tumbler. The use of copper as the base material offers the practical benefit of keeping drinks chilled for an extended period.

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Kanazawa Gold Leaf Sake Cup ($450 for set of 6)
These Sake Cups marries the sparkle of gold leaf with the vibrancy of traditional Japanese artwork, making it a striking piece for any sake enthusiast.

Applied meticulously by hand, the gold leaf lining within each cup shines brilliantly.

The exterior of the cup is equally impressive, adorned with Kutaniyaki-inspired paintings that boast bold and powerful lines, vivid colours, and striking compositions.

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Frozen Food Items – Large Fried Prawns, Satsuma Skewers TAKONEGI, Yellowtail Teriyaki
The frozen selection from “Flavours of Ishikawa” brings carefully crafted delicacies which you can easily prepare for the dinner table.

A popular choice is the Large Fried Prawns ($12.90) stand out with their hand-breaded, thin batter, allowing the succulent flavour of the shrimp to shine through.

Satsuma Skewers TAKONEGI ($20.00), known for their fluffy texture, are versatile enough to be enjoyed fried, deep-fried, or baked.

The Yellowtail Teriyaki ($15.00) uses locally sourced natural yellowtail, bathed in a special teriyaki sauce that’s rich with Ukakuchi soy sauce from Ono, Ishikawa Prefecture.

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Frozen Food Items – Steamed Oysters TAMA-SEIRO ($75.00 for 1kg)
Love Oysters? The Steamed Oysters TAMA-SEIRO are large and packed with flavour, available all year to ensure you can enjoy the peak season’s taste whenever you crave.

These oysters are steamed and quick-frozen, capturing their tender texture and rich taste, making them a convenient and safe choice for seafood lovers.

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Frozen Food Items – Fried Horse Mackerel ($9.90)
Another popular frozen food choice, the Fried Horse Mackerel is prepared from fresh, raw fish, coated in crispy breadcrumbs over a thin batter.

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Gudetama Print Biscuit SP ($3.50 per pack, $10.00 for bundle of 3 packs)
These round biscuits boast a gentle custard flavour, featuring the famous lazy egg in various poses.

By the way, do you know there are a total of 81 unique designs. There is also a rare “Nisetama-san” found only one in 324 packs, and finding it is considered a stroke of luck.

If you are a fan of Gudetama, don’t miss the Hokka Gudetama Custard Biscuits featuring your cute Gudetama characters. These come in four convenient single-serving sachets.

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Doraemon and other Character Cookies ($3.50 per pack, $10.00 for bundle of 3 packs)
Coming in packs of four, these Doraemon Cookies come in 20 different shapes, including Doraemon, Dorami, and various secret tools.

There is even a playful surprise with rock-paper-scissors figures on the back, adding an element of fun to snack time.

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Ohara Kudzukiri Jelly ($2.80 each, $7.50 for bundle of 3)
The Ohara Kudzu Starch Noodle Jelly, available in Summer Orange and Yuzu flavours, offers a refreshing escape during the hot summer months.

These Japanese jelly noodles are known for their cool, slippery texture and provide an enjoying eating experience with invigorating fruit notes.

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Flavours of Ishikawa
Ngee Ann City #B2-25A, 391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238873
Opening Hours: 10am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)
“ICHI” website:

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Flavours of Ishikawa.


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