TripleOne has always been behind compared to its more popular and famous ‘cousin’ 313. You may even ask where it is. (It is right opposite 313 at the Singapore Power Building.) But it offers an alternative dining venue with an interesting mix of universal tastes such as AppleBee’s, Italiannies, Sanomaru and Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong Kong.

Imperial Treasure is definitely giving Crystal Jade a run of its money with a Steamboat Restaurant, Hong Kong café and Bakery, all newer ventures yet with a sense of familiarity. Cakery vs Bakery? Hmmm.

Windows of Hong Kong would be what I call a corporate canteen, a huge space with a very strange ordering system. Plus various menus for different times of the day. I suppose the main characteristic of Hong Kong cafes is to Confuse.

I was surprised when I was told to step outside to order before I could enter. There was a big board with specific set menus from A1-A6, with varied combinations for soup/drink changes and upgrades. And it felt pressurising!

Since menus for breakfasts, lunch, tea, and dinner are all different, the flipside is if you want your wanton noodles or toasts for supper, they are not available.

With all that said, the food was all worth it. It felt real, unlike some cafes which tried hard to pass off local food as Hong Kong.

The beef brisket noodles spelled authenticity, with springy waxy yellow noodles, matched with an ‘I could eat it on its own’ chilli sauce. The brisket was tenderising soft, and broth bursting with flavours of bones and shrimps. It transported me to Hong Kong straightaway.


I liked my baked rice wet, creamy, soaked, drenched, cheesy and saucy. You get the drift. The Baked Pork Chop Rice had an oriental meets Western look, with a homely marinated taste of ketchup and soy.

The food and ambience is not of a refined restaurant, but one would feel comfortable to dine during your lunch and tea-time if you crave for Hong Kong food. Plus, the aunties were really sincere and friendly which made me return thrice. Just hope they get their ordering system right soon.

Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong Kong, 111 Somerset Road TripleOne #01-K1/24/25
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm Daily

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