How do you know you are in a Hong Kong café?

Number 1, you spend the most time trying to figure out its menu. Number 2, you do not know what do order. Number 3, you end up regretting not ordering that something else that you missed at that corner of that confusing menu.

The cannot-go-wrong Crystal Jade had opened another Hong Kong café 翡翠香港茶餐厅, this time at architecturally puzzling Orchard Central. To add to the menu-confusion syndrome, the selection was completely different from the Liang Seah Branch. Same name, different items!

The food selection presented diversity from Italian pastas, Japanese ramen, Korean noodles, Vietnamese pho to Sushi and Chicken Rice. And you wondered what happened to the Hong Kong dishes?

Every table at this Hong Kong Café would have a vase-like jug with an opening in the center – where mist flowed out from the dry ice. That was milk tea looking like a magic love portion – something they should have at every wedding dinner.

The gimmick was intriguing, the taste smooth, and the portion overly small.

If you were to come with a group of friends, you can try the Assorted Grill Set with lamb steak, chicken chop, fish fillet, eggs, vegetables and a big fat long juicy oozing sausage that all came sizzling on a hot metal plate. Very value-for-money.

Otherwise, try the Ocean Basket which was – just another deep fried seafood platter. The good news was it had a bunch of items from crabstick, fish, mussels, prawns, calamari to fries. There were other dishes offered at this Crystal Jade where ingredients were dumped together, such as Giant Bowl Noodle – suitable for sharing.

Wide selection but easily forgettable – the ambience, service and food at this Crystal Jade Hong Kong cafe was not the usual Crystal Jade chain’s quality.

Still do not know what do order in a Hong Kong Café? Rule Number 4, when in doubt, just order the milk tea la.

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe, 181 Orchard Road #07-05 Orchard Central Tel:+65 6509 3118
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 11pm Daily

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