Now that Taiwan’s famous Din Tai Feng, Koi Bubbletea, Ice Monster, Mee Sua and Chicken Cutlet have arrived to Singapore with great success, I was thinking about the next best Taiwanese thing that could be franchised. The dessert culture in Singapore is definitely booming, so how about 东区粉圆?

The story first: Running out of desserts to eat in Taipei, I asked my gym instructor to recommend something – She immediately screamed DONG QU FEN YUAN! She suddenly got excited just describing about it, told me about the different combinations you could choose from, and how cooling it was to have it in summer. “Try it now!”, despite the fact I just burned 400 calories in her class.

Finding this Eastern Ice Store was not difficult, but not easy either. The closest landmarks nearby would be Ming Yao Shopping Centre (where I met William So!) and Zhong Xiao branch of Ding Tai Feng.

The shop was packed to the brim, and I realised I have yet to introduce what 东区粉圆 sells. The closest identification would be Singapore’s Ice Kachang. Think about a dessert where you could choose all your favourite ingredients.

You could choose your base from tau hway, red bean soup, grass jelly or sweet soup. Fill it up with crushed ice and 3 toppings all for the price of NT25 ($2.10)!

The topping choices included yam, green bean, red bean, soft peanuts, passion fruit, strawberry jam, gingko, pumpkin balls, almond and the famous 粉圆 which could be described as a larger sized pearl bubbles. The QQ balls glistered in the ice, and was sweet, chewy yet soft.

The hand-made ingredients were freshly prepared and would not be left overnight. You could also play with the different textures in your mouth – just like how you would to pearl bubbles. It was one of those fun-to-eat desserts, made all better by choosing a combination that you loved.

Unless some local desserts where the ingredients were meagre and tasted artificial like out of a can, this cooling dessert was fresh and crammed with goodness.

东区粉圆 have charmed Taiwan for more than 20 years, and there is only this one shop one branch. Somebody should just bring this to Singapore.

Dong Qu Fen Yuan, No.38,216 Alley,Si Section, Zhongxiao East Road,Da’an District, Taipei, Taiwan 02-27772057

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  1. Such a pity that I missed out Zhong Xiao distict during my previous Taiwan trip 🙁 And look at those “粉圆” it is our favourite dessert at 九份…hw i wish i can replicate this dessert :p

  2. I actually seriously considered bringing fen yuan into Singapore as a business venture… even went to Taipei on a recce trip. Do you think it will be successful…? Apparently the chains are not doing very well in Taiwan 🙁


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