‘Bench & Bar’ is often related to judiciary and legal matters, and the name of this new Burger place gives you the clue that it is opened by a lawyer. Well, it is opened by none other than celebrity chef and ex-lawyer Willin Low, owner of Wild-Rocket, Wild Oats and Relish. You know, that handsome chap that always appear on TV.

Burger Bench & Bar, otherwise known as B3, occupies where Subway used to be at Cineleisure, one of the most prominent spaces at this popular place. With tables shaped like school-canteen benches, it is a suitable hangout place for groups of friends. And the 3rd – B ‘Bar’ is because there is Asahi beer on tap. How wrong can a combination of burger and beer be?

Now, at burgers priced at $8.00, a meal can off-set you by $11.80 with a $1 add-on for potato chips and $2.80 for a drink. That is a lot pricier than the fast-food restaurants around within walking distance.

But people are willing to pay for ‘real’ food – because this is as close as gourmet burgers as you can get. I had a Saute Mixed Mushroom Beef Burger, and the beef patty was a lot more juicy, tasty and substantial than ‘those ordinary burgers’. I overheard a patron from the next table saying “This is Amazing!”

The truth was I was a little suspicious when asked if I was willing to top-up a dollar for chips. There the imaginary of ‘those cheap packaged potato chips’ appeared in my head. I was wrong, and what I got were actually home-made yellow and purple russet potato chips that are crunchy and crisp with an authentic potato taste. And my friend couldn’t stop nibbling at my chips.

The Japanese Curry Chicken Katsu Burger could do better with a sweeter curry sauce and more tender chicken, but this interesting recipe is still worthy of a try. And like a child eating his first big burger, I made a little mess, and wished there was some cutlery.

Do not give the Dark Chocolate Soft Serve a miss. Jelat (rich), creamy and not as watery, it adds a final sense of satisfaction to end off the meal.

Burger Bench & Bar BBB, 8 Grange Road #01-02 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard Tel+65 6737 9947
Opening Hours: 12pm – 1030pm Daily

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  1. I too was impressed by the chips. They did look like they came from some packets but later when I read that they were made from scratch, I appreciate them even more.

    Has you been to the B. S. near Farrer / Bukit Timah Road?

  2. damn, i went to the western steak and grill house right next to B3. not worth a mention and i can’t remember their shop name.


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