This was a celebration treat for my blog having 10,000 hits, so you know how back-dated this entry is. Better late than never, yes? And good friend Esther, who eats a lot more artas food than I do, had decided that Relish is one of her Top Ten must-try food list.

When I first heard about the price about the burgers, my eyes were wide open like marbles, well, but not actually shocked because it came from Esther. “Gourmet burgers la! This is not your usual Macs or Burger King.”

The Price
Say a usual fast-food Burger set meal is $6, here’s how Relish can justify a $25 price tag.
+ $2 – Carefully created by the famous lawyer-turned-chef Willin. Ah, the appeal of (ex) lawyers. A supposedly good-looking one as well. No wonder, harder to find. Lawyers don’t charge small fees you know?
+ $1 – A touching media story of a lawyer who gave up a lucrative career to pursue his dreams. We must support his dreams!
+ $1 – Plus, ex-lawyer always appears on TV as a guest judge, spokesperson for food programme. The chef is a celebrity!
+ $5 – Location is at Bukit Timah Cluny Court. Property very expensive you know.
+ $2 – Also means people who stay nearby include expatriates and rich tai-tais who send their pets to hair saloons (compared to my $10 quick haircut). Surely they can afford a gourmet burger for tea time snack.
+ $2 – A delightful unpretentious ambience with cheerful staff in orange tees. Always a happy place to chill out with good friends.

+ $2 – Creative creations of ‘local’ delights such as Blue Cheese Beef Burger with Rucola, Poached Pear & Walnut Butter, the paper-thin omelet-wrapped Ram-Lee Burger, the Soft-Boned Char-Siew Pork Open Foccacia Burger & the Curry Chicken Burger.
+ $4 – REAL burger patties made from the chuck, shin, rib-eye, these are not rubbish parts okay?

I ordered a pork burger simply because I wanted to be reminded of those delicious home-made ones my Ah Ma would prepare for me during my childhood days because we couldn’t afford fastfood. I would have liked the patty to be full of juicy goodness, and bread soft and fluffy. Though the burger wasn’t exactly what I imagined it to be, it was worthwhile to try something different when we were already accustomed to ‘cheap-tasting’ burgers elsewhere.

The Verdict
We had a really enjoyable time, and that made it one of my more memorable meals. While some customers may complain about the hefty price, Relish really is about the very cosy ambience and not the usual mass-manufactured tasting burgers to make you feel special and right at home. Worth the $25? Let you think about it.

Relish, 501 Bukit Timah Road #02-01 Cluny Court Tel:+65 6763 1547
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri: 12pm–3pm, 6.30pm–11pm; Sat–Sun: 10.30am–11pm

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