Whenever Celebrity Chef Willin Low booked out of camp during his army days every weekend, he would stomp to Nam Heng Restaurant at Simon Road even before getting home, unlike many of his exhausted army mates.

“I am there in front of the straight-faced uncle in my green uniform, smelling of mud and sweat. I didn’t care. I just wanted my Hokkien Mee!”

Willin exclaimed that he must tabao the noodles and not eat it at the coffeeshop. This is so that the noodles could absorb all the ‘chup’ by the time he got home. He excitedly described the best moment – it was when he opened the packet and the pork lard aroma would fill up the house.

He loved it so much that he would eat it at least once every week since his childhood days. And this Hokkien Mee has very much influenced this award winning chef’s cooking style.

Full Post at InSing.com – Celeb chef Willin’s Hokkien mee secret

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