I like Everton Park.

It is this charming enclave near Outram where you can take a break from amidst the hustle and bustle of Singapore, with a variety of cafes to explore.

Cafés there come and go pretty frequently though. The existing ones around still include Bag Me Up Bagel House, The Better Half, Dearborn, O Happi Place, Cafe Wabi Sabi, and Nylon Coffee.

Quah Song & Co - NEW Hidden 01

Quah Song & Co is the newest kid in the hood, albeit quietly.

This quaint little bakery, originally located at Metropolis, has found its new home right where 46 Mittsu once served.

Quah Song & Co - NEW Hidden 02

The ambiance of Everton Park, coupled with the allure of freshly baked goods, invites a leisurely pause in one’s day.

Quah Song & Co - NEW Hidden 03

The bakery café rather unassuming in its appearance, operating primarily as a takeaway spot due to the limited seats in-store.

Quah Song & Co - NEW Hidden 03

The bakery’s story is a compelling one, conceived by three adventurous individuals driven by a simple yet ambitious idea: to make their own croissants.

Quah Song & Co - NEW Hidden 04

Their menu, though concise, features treats like the Butter Croissant, Brownie, Pain Au Choc, Banana Loaf, and Lemon Loaf, each priced around $5—a reasonable ask for handcrafted goods.

Quah Song & Co - NEW Hidden 05

The Butter Croissant ($4.50) is the signature here – hand-rolled, involving a laborious process of rolling, folding, and shaping.

Quah Song & Co - NEW Hidden 06

This resulted in a croissant that was slightly chewier and smaller than its commercial counterparts, though I suspect some customers may prefer a crispier take.

Quah Song & Co - NEW Hidden 07

During my visit, I tried the Banana Loaf ($5) as well.

It was pleasant with moist texture, though I found myself wishing it had been served warm, which would have enhanced its homey, comforting flavours.

Quah Song & Co - NEW Hidden 08

Quah Song & Co offers a sincere, if understated, addition to the Everton Park cafe scene.

Though one might argue that it may need a stronger unique selling point, especially given the stiff competition from numerous other bake shops in the area.

Quah Song & Co - NEW Hidden 09

Quah Song & Co
2 Everton Park #01-61, Singapore 081002
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 3pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

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