Walking down the vicinity of Everton Park, you would be charmed by the shophouses, and little cafes peppered along the corridors under HDBs.

Time moves differently in this area, which makes it such a great spot for brunch nooks.

Recently opened, Bag Me Up Bagel House boasts some eye-pleasing aesthetics, while serving bagel sandwiches and drinks.

The store has minimal sitting, and can sit around 8 people. They also run the tea and dessert brand – ARTEA.

The owners went for a rattan wicker style aesthetic, which exuded Tumblr-aesthetic.

It would be hard not to take a photo and romanticise my brunch time on social media.

The store received a healthy amount of patrons and passers-by, with the owner’s friends also paying visits.

The bagel café offers bagel sandwiches like the Bag Me Up Signature Bagel ($16.50), Wagyu Beef Patty ($16.50), Smoked Salmon ($16.50), Trustful Bagel ($10.50), Teriyaki Chicken ($12.50), and Bacon, Eggs & Cheese ($10.50).

One can expect drink offerings like the White Peach Fresh Milk Tea ($4.50), Osmanthus Fresh Milk Tea ($4.50) and Espresso ($4).

The Bag Me Up Signature Bagel ($16.50) had unagi slices, ham, lettuce and house-made herb mayo.

I found the unagi and herb mayo combination too sweet for my liking, however may intrigue those with a penchant for the combination.

The bagel was more tough than I would have hoped it to be, which left my sandwich eating experience a bit messy – pushing out some of the filling when gnawing off the bagel part.

Trying the Wagyu Beef Patty Bagel Sandwich ($16.50) next, I found the patty thankfully to be juicy and moreish.

I heard from the boss that their patties are made from 100% wagyu beef too.

It had the same lettuce, house-made herb mayo, a slice of cheese, and pickles too, though the house-made mayo was slightly overpowering in contrast.

What left the deeper impression was the drink, which did not surprise me as they run a tea store.

Their White Peach Fresh Milk Tea ($4.50) arrived frothy and as soon as i took a sip, I was pleasantly delighted by the fragrance of subtle white peach flavours, and light airy fresh milk tea.

It was not too heavy and refreshingly light in the hot Singapore weather.

With bagel sandwiches gaining speed in the food industry, Bag Me Up Bagel House has much potential and being nestled in the crevice of Outram is a fantastic location to boot.

They would likely need to front more days in operation may allow for them to work out kinks.

Bag Me Up Bagel House
2 Everton Park, #01-59B, Singapore 081002
Opening Hours: 9:30am – 5pm (Wed – Mon), Closed Tues

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* Written by Laura Wong @llua. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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