$30++? Is this the most inexpensive Omakase in Singapore?

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 at Raffles Place offers an intriguing dining concept that stands out, quite literally, for its standing omakase experience.

Found at Level 2 of PLUS on Cecil Street, this Japanese restaurant presents itself as Singapore’s first standing omakase bar, a feature that invites diners into an unconventional yet engaging sushi experience.

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 - $30++ Omakase 01

With a no-seats policy, guests stand at an L-shaped counter to have their meals.

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 - $30++ Omakase 02

This setup may initially surprise, and the idea of a standing meal can seem daunting to some.

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 - $30++ Omakase 03

But it may work for the CBD crowd who wants a quick meal; and may appeal to those who spend the day seated at desks.

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 - $30++ Omakase 04

The restaurant prides itself on offering an affordable omakase menu.

Prices starts from $30 for a 10-course Ume set ($50 for dinner) during lunch which includes eight pieces of sushi, a grilled seafood dish, and miso soup.

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 - $30++ Omakase 05

For those looking for a bit more, there are the Take ($45 for lunch, $80 for dinner) and Matsu ($80 for lunch, $120 for dinner) sets, which offer more pieces of sushi and promise a more extended exploration of the menu.

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 - $30++ Omakase 06

There is also a dinner à la carte menu featuring assorted sushi, sashimi, grilled seafood, and specialty dishes.

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 - $30++ Omakase 07

I had the Take set. To be honest, the quality of the sushi was decent considering its price, and there were also a variety from Hamachi (yellow tail), chutoro (medium fatty tuna), to amaebi (sweet shrimp).

Not the ‘cheap’ type of seafood.

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 - $30++ Omakase 08

One of my favourite pieces was the Engawa (flounder) with packed with rich fatty flavours and a slightly chewy texture.

The miso soup while little in portion, made up for its deep robust flavour, with distinct seafood taste.

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 - $30++ Omakase 09

Do not come expecting perfection though, as you may find some rice falling off, or sushi ‘collapsing’ right at the table.

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 - $30++ Omakase 10

If I need to nitpick, the pacing of the meal felt notably rushed.

While I understand that the meal should take about an hour, my meal from start to end took just above 20 minutes. (There was a pair who came after me, but left before).

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 - $30++ Omakase 11

This brisk pace was particularly noticeable, when the grilled and sushi item came together.

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 - $30++ Omakase 12

While understanding the need for efficiency, especially in a bustling business district, a more relaxed tempo would have allowed for fuller appreciation of each dish’s nuances.

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 - $30++ Omakase 13

With all that said, the quality of the omakase experience, coupled with the restaurant’s approachable price point, sets Sushi to Sumi apart in Singapore’s competitive dining scene.

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭 - $30++ Omakase 14

Sushi to Sumi 鮨と炭
PLUS #02-01, 20 Cecil Street, Singapore 049705
Opening Hours: 11am – 2pm, 5pm – 9pm (Mon – Fri), Closed Sat, Sun

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