This is one (or shall I say two) unique concept to the Japanese culinary scene in Singapore – with artistry of Teppanyaki on one side; exquisite Kansai-style Sushi on the other.

The newly opened Kou Teppan and Haku Sushi at the basement of Great World offers an exquisite Teppanyaki and Sushi omakase experience respectively.

This review is for Kou Teppan, where you can experience dual Teppan Omakase, starting from an accessible price of $58++. This is for a 6-course meal.

Looking at the amount and quality of ingredients, it is value-for-the-money indeed.

Led by Executive Chef Sawada Ko, Kou Teppan elevates Teppanyaki dining to new heights.

Chef Sawada Ko was previously executive chef of Itoh Dining by Nobu, a Teppanyaki restaurant in collaboration with world-renowned Chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

What diners can experience is a sophisticated, interactive Teppan experience that deviates from the usual.

The unique aspect of Kou Teppan lies in its dual Teppan dining, where seasonal ingredients are prepared both on the main and personal Teppan griddles.

The main teppan stage is a platform for the skilled chefs at Kou Teppan to perform their culinary magic (get your handphone cameras ready), with all the action happening within clear view of the dining guests.

Selected dishes are then crafted on the personal Teppan grill situated directly in front of the diners.

This arrangement facilitates an interactive dining session, with you have the opportunity to personalise dishes as per your preference.

Kou Teppan’s Enya Lunch Omakase, priced attractively at $58++ for six courses, is a gastronomic journey that commences with a trio of Chef’s Appetisers (featuring seasonal seafood), followed by a comforting Seasonal Soup.

The highlight of the meal is the main course.

Choose from an array of premium offerings such as Slow-Cooked Japanese Pork served on Magnolia Leaf; Seasonal Fish with the House’s Special Sauce; or a tantalizing mix of Hokkaido Scallops, Tiger Prawns, and Seasonal Fish.

Completing the dining experience, guests are served the Kou Okonomiyaki, and a choice between Japanese A5 Wagyu Kamameshi (Kettle Rice) or the flavourful A5 Wagyu Garlic rice, before indulging in a final sweet treat from the Chef’s Dessert.

I also had the Hino Dinner Omakase. At $88++ for an eight-course extravaganza, the evening dining experience indeed raises the bar. Here’s more:

Chef’s Appetisers

Chef’s Appetisers
The culinary journey begins with a triad of Chef’s Appetisers, starring seasonal seafood such as Smoked Salmon Takaki, Tamago Tofu, and Scallop Flambé.

Each morsel showcases distinct flavours: the salmon delivers a smoky robustness balanced with a hint of citrus, the Tamago Tofu is silky and subtly sweet, while the flambéed scallops plump and naturally sweet.

Seasonal Soup

Seasonal Soup
The appetisers are followed by Truffle Edamame, a creamy soup with earthy flavours, with delicate aroma of the truffle.

Seasonal Japanese Vegetables

Seasonal Japanese Vegetables
The vegetables cooked on the grill, maintained their natural crunch and vibrant flavours, enhanced by the creamy richness of the uni sauce.

Seasonal Fish Cartoccio
On my visit, I savoured the Teppan-cooked Tai (Sea Bream) & Asari Clams encased in foil (the restaurant uses food-grade clear foil from Japan).

A dish that showcased the freshness of the seafood, the cooking method allowied the natural flavours to meld harmoniously within the parchment pouch.

As you break open the foil, a rush of aromatic steam greets you.

There was a bit of soup within the foil, which you could savour to appreciate the flavours of the ingredients cooked within.

Teppanyaki Main
The main event features luxurious offerings such as Japanese A5 Wagyu, Slow Cooked Japanese Pork Houbayaki, Lobster & Japanese Oyster (+$40), or Premium Japanese A5 Wagyu Sirloin or Tenderloin (+$40).

I had the Japanese A5 Wagyu with Garlic Chips and Housemade Wasabi Sauce.

The Wagyu melted like butter on the tongue, its rich marbling complemented by the crisp garlic chips and a hint of heat from the wasabi sauce.

Alternatively, the other recommendation is the indulgent Lobster & Japanese Oyster served with a Housemade Red Pepper Sauce (additional $40). Each bite of the crustacean is an indulgence in itself, further enhanced by the creamy oyster and the smoky-sweet red pepper sauce.

Kou Okonomiyaki
The Kou Okonomiyaki is a reinterpretation of the Japanese Osaka-style ‘pancake’. This is something I find really special, though can be slightly heavy.

This savoury treat features a base of Japanese yam and cabbage, then generously smothered with a blend of okonomiyaki and cheese sauces, adding a tangy, creamy balance.

Japanese A5 Wagyu Rice
Following the okonomiyaki, diners can opt for either the Japanese A5 Wagyu Kamameshi (Kettle Rice) or the Teppan-Fried A5 Wagyu Garlic.

The Kamameshi is a traditional Japanese dish where the rice is cooked in an iron pot.

When served with the luxurious A5 Wagyu, it turns into a hearty, comforting dish packed with flavours. I preferred this slightly more.

Alternatively, the Teppan-Fried A5 Wagyu Garlic has the aromatic hit of pan-fried garlic.

Chef’s Dessert
To conclude the meal on a sweet note, I enjoyed a Housemade Matcha Terrine for dessert.

The smooth, velvety matcha terrine had a beautiful earthy bitterness that balanced well with the sweet ice cream, providing a satisfying and very filling end.

Kou Teppan
Great World #B1-134, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3pm, 5:30pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)
Reservation: Kou Teppan (Great World) online reservation

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Kou Teppan.


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