When it comes to best bagels in Singapore, the name Two Men Bagel House often rings a bell.

Recognised widely for their hearty bagels, this establishment has ventured into another territory.

This is a “rice plate” concept, aptly named “Two Men Rice Bar”.

Incidentally, the team has also opened a Butter by Two Men Bagel House concept at Somerset.

Two Men Rice Bar - Modern Gourmet "Cai Fan" 01

Tucked at Guoco Tower (straight out from Tanjong Pagar MRT), it can be a trendy spot that gives the humble “cai fan” a gourmet makeover.

Two Men Rice Bar - Modern Gourmet "Cai Fan" 02

Now, for those thinking of a relaxed sit-down meal, here’s something to note – this is a standing bar.

Or you can dabao back to office should you really need somewhere to sit down.

Two Men Rice Bar - Modern Gourmet "Cai Fan" 03

The experience starts at the electronic ordering counters where patrons make their choices, which is quite modern and fits the fast-paced city life.

Two Men Rice Bar - Modern Gourmet "Cai Fan" 04

At Two Men Rice Bar, the offerings range from Spam N’ Things, Bait Time, Mushy-Mushy, Happiness 2, Bebop, Gumbo No. 5, Black Rock.

No matter which plate you opt for, you will be treated to their housemade soup.

Two Men Rice Bar - Modern Gourmet "Cai Fan" 05

There is also an option to customise your serving size. If you are not too hungry, the “half tank” might be suitable, but for those with a larger appetite, the “full tank” is worth the additional $3.

A “half tank” plate starts from $12, with the most pricy “full tank” priced at $20.

As for the base, you can select from Japanese short grain rice, a 16-type mixed grain rice, or the aromatic turmeric long grain rice.

Two Men Rice Bar - Modern Gourmet "Cai Fan" 06

Delving into the bowls, the “Bait Time” ($15, $18) is for seafood enthusiasts, featuring sriracha honey butter salmon.

The richness of avocado is balanced by the zesty scallion chimichurri and rainbow slaw.

Add the pickled cucumber, cherry tomato, glass noodle salad, and sous vide egg, and you got a medley of textures, rounded off by the crunch of tenkasu (tempura crumbs) and a sprinkle of togarashi.

Two Men Rice Bar - Modern Gourmet "Cai Fan" 07

The “Spam N’ Things” ($13, $16) presents a playful take on comfort food – spam paired with tater tots, drizzled with black garlic demiglace and garlic aioli.

The rainbow slaw, pickled cucumber, cherry tomato, and glass noodle salad keep things fresh, while there is sous vide egg which you can break and mix.

Two Men Rice Bar - Modern Gourmet "Cai Fan" 08

For chicken lovers, “Happiness 2” ($13, $16) with plum sauce brings about some tangy sweetness.

The sesame chicken cutlet adds more bite, and the accompanying vegetables and toppings offer layers of flavour. However, I was expecting something much bigger for the “lion head” chicken meatball.

Two Men Rice Bar - Modern Gourmet "Cai Fan" 09

With the popularity of Two Men Bagel House, expectations are undeniably high.

The offerings, while creative, seemed a tad one-note, especially in the preparation of proteins.

A symphony of deep-fried items dominate the menu, and customers may find themselves yearning for variety, perhaps grilled or sous vide options.

The bowls, while visually pleasing, lacked the explosive flavour I was anticipating.

Some combinations also felt dry, but the availability of condiments such as citrus chilli, scallion master and sweet sauce (my favourite), did provide some redemption.

Two Men Rice Bar - Modern Gourmet "Cai Fan" 10

While the idea behind Two Men Rice Bar is promising, there might be some tweaks needed to meet the high standards set by its bagel predecessor.

Two Men Rice Bar - Modern Gourmet "Cai Fan" 11

Two Men Rice Bar
Guoco Tower #01-12, 5 Wallich Street, Singapore 078883 (Tanjong Pagar)
Opening Hours: 11am – 7:30pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

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