As Bagels continue to grow in popularity across the globe, Singapore has caught on to the trend, with an increasing number of Bagel shops popping up around the city.

A Bagel is a dense and chewy bread product that is shaped like a doughnut with a hole in the centre. It is a traditional Jewish food that originated in Poland.

These are also many cafes in Singapore serving up delicious, chewy bagels with a range of tasty toppings and spreads.

Or Bagelwiches which typically consist of a bagel sliced in half and filled with various ingredients such as deli meat, cheese, vegetables, spreads, and sauces.

These days, there is no shortage of Bagel shops or cafes offering Bagels around. Of all of them, these are some of the best Bagel places that you can go to, even in the evening:

Two Men Bagel House – Holland Village
17D Lor Liput Singapore, Singapore 277731
Opening Hours: 9am – 2:45pm (Mon – Wed, Fri – Sun), Closed Thurs

Crowd-Favourite Bagels with Outlets Islandwide
Two Men Bagel House was opened by “two men” Jerome Lam and Jereborne Lam (nope, not brothers) who were break-dancing friends since teenagers, saw the bagel craze in other countries and believed it would take off in Singapore.

Would say it is definitely one of the Bagel shops that helped ‘path the way’ for others.

There is a “Morning Gems” menu for early risers, including delicious-sounding Lean Jean ($12) included with scrambled egg whites, smashed avo, turkey sausage and more; and Mademoiselle Chantal ($14) with corned beef, honey baked ham, Swiss bechamel and Carolina mustard sauce.

Some other Two Men Bagel House classics you can sink your teeth into, are the Lox ($17.30) and B.E.C ($15.10).

The former includes fillings of smoked salmon, scallion cream cheese, onions, capers and tomatoes, in pleasantly-soft and chewy textured bagels.

The B.E.C ($15.10) is a more indulgent treat of scrambled egg, bacon, double cheddar with spicy ketchup.

Read more at: Two Men Bagel House (Joo Chiat)

Keen’s Bagelry
730 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198698
Opening Hours: 12pm – 8pm (Tues – Fri), 12pm – 3pm (Sat – Sun)

Japanese Style Bagel Pop-up in Bugis
In a pastel pink shophouse along North Bridge Road near Bugis, Keen’s Bagelry sits in the Curbside Crafters lifestyle market pop-up space – and it remains to be seen how long they will stay at this spot (before they decide to move to somewhere more permanent).

It serves Japanese-inspired bagel-sandwiches to those seeking respite from the busy urban life, and finds itself pretty popular among youths who are willing to queue and wait for them.

I was recommended the Bekki Johnsu Bagelwich ($11, $12), which had cold-smoked turkey bacon or chicken smoked sausage as the main protein, sitting together with a layer of mozzarella scrambled eggs and half-melted cheddar.

Another Bagel to sink your teeth into, is the Truffle Garlic Chickin Bagelwich ($13). The marinated chicken leg was oven-baked to tenderness and paired with a blend of truffle mayo, which almost stole the spotlight.

Read more at: Keen’s Bagelry (North Bridge Road)

B For Bagel
Tanglin Mall B1-125/126, 163 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247933
Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm (Mon – Sun)

Korean Bagel Cafe From Gangnam Opens At Tanglin Mall
With an outlet in Yeoksam, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, B for Bagel has opened their first overseas outlet in Singapore at the basement of Tanglin Mall.

With 12 different bagels flavours on display, check out their interesting selection of savoury and sweet options.

The savoury selection of Bagels includes Sesame ($3.90), Wholewheat Multigrains ($4.30), Chia Seed ($4.30), Kalamata Olive ($5.20), Spinach ($5.20), Garlic Butter Cheese ($5.50) and Salt N Butter ($5.20).

On the other hand, their sweet selection includes Soboro – Cookie Dough ($4.50), Apple Cinnamon Chutney ($4.90), Cinnamon Orange ($5.20) and Fig Chutney ($5.20).

My favourite Bagel on display is the Garlic Butter Cheese ($5.50), a recreation of the once trending Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread, except in the form of a bagel here.

Read more at: B For Bagel (Tanglin Mall)

Monument Lifestyle – Tiong Bahru
21 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168651
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Tues – Fri), 9am – 6pm (Sat – Sun), Closed Mon

Monument Lifestyle – Duxton Road
75 Duxton Road, Singapore 089534
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

For New York-style Bagels And San Francisco Coffee
Monument Lifestyle may not be a place you would walk in for coffee because it seems more like a clothing and accessory store.

I liked how the entire space was done up, in a stylish yet cosy setting. The lifestyle store was at the front, while the café blended unobtrusively at the back.

Their Bagels are provided by Schmear Bagels (remember them?).

Hand-rolled, kettle boiled, and baked fresh daily with the simplest ingredients, their Bagels are said to be true to authentic New York style bagels.

The menu at the Yong Siak outlet is a leaner one, offering items of Bagels available in plain, sesame, cheddar and “everything”.

Top it up with Cream Cheese ($2.50) – choose from plain, jalapeno cheddar, spring onion, or garlic & herb. Or get a Bagel & Lox ($14) for the classic pairing with smoked salmon.

Hand-rolled, kettle boiled, and baked fresh daily with the simplest ingredients, I enjoyed the Bagel ($4.50 + $2.50 cream cheese) for the classic light and chewy textures.

Read more at: Monument Lifestyle (Tiong Bahru)

The Rochdale
19 Rochdale Road, Singapore 535834
Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm (Tues – Fri), 9am – 7pm (Sat – Sun), Closed Mon

Bagelwiches at Rochdale Road Cafe
With Bagelwiches, Sando, Brunch Classics, Pasta, creative coffee, and pretty cakes by LUNA Patisserie, The Rochdale is quite a hidden cafe with a number of brunch-style offerings.

It also sells Hand-Pulled Beef Bagel ($15). The slow-braised beef was tender, juxtaposed with the tanginess of the mustard, and a hint of sweetness from caramelised onions.

Also included is a sunny-side-up egg, with the yolk oozing out to create a creamy liaison between the layers of the bagel.

But would appeal to some was the truffle cream cheese spread – that imparted a rich, earthy tone to the bagel.

Read more at: The Rochdale (Rochdale Road)

Wooly’s Bagels
89 Rangoon Road, #01-03, Singapore 218375
Opening Hours: 11am – 8:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Muslim-Owned Bagel Cafe At Farrer Park With Otah & Scrambled Eggs Bagelwich
The Muslim-owned bagel joint does not box itself in to any particular style. The bagel journey begins with a choice between plain, cheese, and sesame.

They are lightly toasted before it is assembled.

The good bet they recommend is the Double Chicken Frizzle ($13.90), made with the quintessential chicken that belongs in every sandwich.

You are looking at crispy fried chicken thighs encapsulating melted cheese and silky scrambled eggs. Just a little spicy, they say.

Just one more savoury bagel – a bagel eatery is incomplete without the classic Bagel & Lox ($14.90), made with smoked salmon and house-made garlic herb cream cheese.

I was enticed by the Otah Kau ($12.60), which uses a meaty mackerel otah with scrambled eggs. The otah are sliced rather thick to give you the full texture and sauced-up experience.

Read more at: Wooly’s Bagels (Farrer Park)

ONALU Bagel Haús
Singapore Management University #01-11, 60 Stamford Road, Singapore 178900
Opening Hours: 9:30am – 8pm (Mon – Fri), 9:30am – 6pm (Sat – Sun)

Bagel Shop Found Within SMU
A favourite of SMU students, ONALU Bagel Haus’ bagel creations has been quite the success story.

Operating out of a prime spot on the university campus, the budget-friendly bagels are snatched up before, during, and after the students’ classes. As a result, they always sell out way before closing.

It all culminates with a bagel like The Big Breakfast ($15), where you get an entire plate of American breakfast stuffed between bagel halves.

A classic bagel pairing is made the star of the show with Somethin’ Fishy ($12). The duo of Norwegian smoked salmon and scallion cream cheese sits in the charcoal-coloured bagel, with onions, capers and dill for some sharpness as contrast.

Basics like the Say Cheese ($5) and Jam & Nutty ($6) are exactly what they sound like: the former gets you just cream cheese, while the latter gets you just jam and almond butter. Here, less is more.

With simpler ingredients, you get to focus on the flavour and quality of the bagel itself. Well put together, these are among many other variations that is hard to miss out on.

Robinson Square #01-02, 144 Robinson Road, Singapore 068908
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 6:30pm (Mon – Thurs), 11am – 8pm (Fri – Sat), Closed Sun

Muslim-Owned Bagel House In The CBD. Bagelwiches Have Funny Names
The Muslim-owned Beigelhaus++ is a family affair, ran by two pairs of siblings who have brought together their extensive F&B experience.

Above the counter, the menu is neatly handwritten on blackboards, outlining the range of bagels with “fills” or with “schmears”.

“Fills” are the usual ingredients between cut open bagel piece. “Schmears” refers to a bagel spread, like the faithful cream cheese, which often go on New York-style bagels.

Check out the bagels with fills to begin with. Extra points must be given to the names of the bagels, which are wordplays on famous singers and characters.

A highlight is the Moo Donna ($15.90), with so much 4-hour braised beef brisket that the bagels are barely holding it together.

Fraser Street Brothers
1 Fraser Street, Singapore 189350
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 5pm (Tues – Sat), Closed Sun, Mon

Bagel Shop Near Bugis With No Fixed Menu
Fraser Street Brothers does bagels just a tad bit differently: open-faced bagels are the way to go here.

Rather than having a bagel stuffed with ingredients, you have bagel halves with ingredients to top. In a way, you get the same bagel with twice the toppings.

The selling point is the commitment to the quality of ingredients, since many of the toppings are made in-house. The bagels come in multigrain, sesame and plain, displayed in glass box at the counter.

Go for two of the combinations that have been there since the very beginning of the bagel house.

One of them is the Lox ($18), which is cream cheese, smoked salmon, picked red onion and dill on the bagel. The slices of salmon are smoked and prepared in-house. The classic combination here looks good in its format and is just as tasty.

The other is the Egg, Avo & Smoked Salmon, which is self-explanatory. You cannot go wrong with either of them.

Bag Me Up Bagel House
2 Everton Park, #01-59B, Singapore 081002
Opening Hours: 9:30am – 5pm (Wed – Mon), Closed Tues

Hidden Bagel Sandwich Cafe At Everton Park With Wagyu Beef And Unagi Bagels
Bag Me Up Bagel House boasts some eye-pleasing aesthetics, while serving bagel sandwiches and drinks. The store has minimal sitting, and can sit around 8 people. They also run the tea and dessert brand – ARTEA.

The Bag Me Up Signature Bagel ($16.50) had unagi slices, ham, lettuce and house-made herb mayo.

I found the unagi and herb mayo combination too sweet for my liking, however may intrigue those with a penchant for the combination.

Trying the Wagyu Beef Patty Bagel Sandwich ($16.50) next, I found the patty thankfully to be juicy and moreish. I heard from the boss that their patties are made from 100% wagyu beef too.

Read more at: Bag Me Up Bagel House (Everton Park)

Baker & Cook
80 Middle Road InterContinental Singapore, Singapore 188966
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

Artisanal Bakery Known For Variety Of Bagel Flavours
Baker & Cook is an artisanal bakery in Singapore that offers a wide range of baked goods, from artisan bread to pastries, cakes, and desserts that has been around since 2012.

Founded by Dean Brettschneider, a master baker with over 25 years of experience, Baker & Cook is quite a popular spot with expats.

One of the standout items on Baker & Cook’s menu is their selection of Bagels.

Made fresh every day, their bagels are hand-rolled, boiled, and baked using traditional methods. The bagels are dense and chewy with a slightly crispy exterior, making them the perfect vehicle for a variety of toppings.

One of the recommended is the Plain Sourdough Bagels ($6.96) which is mild in taste and goes well with cream cheese, jams and spreads.

One of the unique things about Baker & Cook’s Bagels is that they use a sourdough starter in their dough. This gives their bagels a distinct tangy flavour and a slightly more complex texture.

You can find their Bagels at some supermarkets too.

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* Compiled by Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary, Dean Ang, and Laura Wong @llua.


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