Beef aficionados, look out for this new steak restaurant in Singapore.

Wagyu X, situated on Club Street (Telok Ayer), is not merely a new steakhouse. It serves up this special wagyu not commonly found outside Japan.

In fact, this is probably the only restaurant in Singapore you can find this special beef type.

Why is it called “Wagyu X”?

The beef served is actually a special crossbreed between Hokkaido Wagyu derived from the Kuroge black Wagyu cow and the Aberdeen Angus bull.

Chef Masahiro Takada from Wagyu X discovered this breed during his explorations in Japan and brought it to our shores.

What you get is A5 Wagyu’s characteristic melt-in-the-mouth marbling and the Angus beef’s robust flavour.

So if you find some types of Wagyu overly rich or fatty, then this strikes a good balance.

In terms of décor, the venue was unpretentious in terms of vibes.

It had a blend of being casual and refined with its polished wooden furniture and minimalist, limewashed walls and floors.

Savour the melodic marbling and more with the following recommendations at Wagyu X:

Wagyu X Cuts
These coveted cuts come in an array of options: Sirloin ($160 for 500g, $300 for 1kg), Ribeye ($125 for 500g, $240 for 1kg), and Tenderloin ($120 for 250g, $230 for 500g).

Chef Masa and his team serve these steaks with a ‘simplicity’ that respects their quality. With just a modest dash of salt to enhance its natural flavours, it allows the meat to shine.

What I found was that there was a delicate interplay between the marbling and the meatiness.

When I cut the meat, it graciously yielded under the knife, revealing a tempting, rosy interior. Upon that first bite, the initial resistance gave way to a marvellous melt.

The meat itself was flavourful yet not overwhelmingly rich – you get the best of both worlds of a fattier Japanese wagyu cut and ‘beefy’ Angus.

Accompanying the steaks are three meticulously crafted sauces – the wasabi shoyu, the Japanese steak sauce, and the ponzu.

My personal favourite was the Japanese steak sauce. Made from a house-made beef stock reduced from Wagyu X’s trimmings and enriched with fresh, aromatic ingredients, it gave a richer layer to each bite.

Wagyu X Sides
Venturing further into the sides, there are choices of Mashed Japanese Sweet Potato, Mashed Potato, Creamed Spinach, Caramelised Japanese Sweet Corn, Mushroom Tempura, Japanese Tomato, Garlic Confit & Garlic Chips, and more.

My vote goes to the potentially-addictive Matsutake Fries ($12) which was quite aromatic, and may evoke the essence of Truffle Fries. Yet it is not.

It incorporates the Matsutake (a prized Japanese mushroom) scent, thus you would find a unique, woody-aromatic fragrance to the fries.

The other favourite was the Charred Asparagus ($16) which introduced a subtle crunch and vegetal sweetness that helped balance with the richness of the meats.

Hokkaido Scallop ($26)
This appetiser appeals with its sashimi-grade succulence, baked in flavoured butter.

The accompanying housemade capsicum puree amplifies the scallop’s inherent sweet creaminess.

Mushroom Cappuccino ($14)
This mushroom soup crowned with a truffle foam, presented a playful yet comforting experience.

There was that hearty, earthy mushroom flavour, while the light truffle foam offered a delicate contrast to the robustness below.

Uni Pasta ($48)
Transitioning to the mains, the Uni Pasta ($48) has buttery richness of the uni elegantly intertwined with the pasta.

The ikura (salmon roe) added bursts of salinity. Not too bad, but I guess the strength here was indeed the meats.

Tiramisu ($18)
Using the recipe from Chef Masa’s sister restaurant, Ristorante Takada, the Tiramisu is served deconstructed.

The difference here is the ladyfingers are soaked in the coffee liqueur only upon order, a deviation from the traditional.

What you get is the slight crunch of the ladyfingers juxtaposed against the smooth and creamy mascarpone for that textural contrast.

If not, there are always the Burnt Cheesecake with Ice Cream ($18), Matcha Affogato ($22), Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice Cream ($18), and Crème Brûlée ($16) for the sweet ending.

Wagyu X, potentially the only place in Singapore to savour this special breed for now, unassumingly redefines the steakhouse experience.

Wagyu X
82 Club Street, Singapore 069450
Tel: 8795 6664
Opening Hours: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun
Reservation Online – Wagyu X

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Wagyu X.


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