Ciel Patisserie previously found at Hougang, is known for its array of French-inspired pastries and sweets.

Opened by a young baker who was inspired by the Korean drama “My Lovely Sam-Soon”, she then attended training at Le Cordon Bleu, and opened the shop at 21 (then).

Wow, the courage.

The patisserie-café has moved to the heart of Upper Thomson at Thomson V One, Sin Ming Road.

Ciel Patisserie - Dessert Cafe 01

The café retains similar charms and homely interior design from its previous location.

Ciel Patisserie - Dessert Cafe 02

Drawing inspiration from its name, Ciel – meaning ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’ in French – the space is designed with purity in mind.

Ciel Patisserie - Dessert Cafe 03

The minimalistic approach features light cream walls and grey floors.

This creates a calming and airy ambience, amplified by natural light filtering through the windows and the subdued colour palette.

Ciel Patisserie - Dessert Cafe 04

The diverse selection includes tarts, cakes and quiches such as Fresh Fruit Tart ($6.80), Chocolate Caramel Tart ($6.80), Mon Cheri ($8.50), Blanc ($8.50), Opera ($7.50) to Oreo Cheesecake ($6.50).

Ciel Patisserie - Dessert Cafe 05

The new entries on the menu particularly caught my attention.

Ciel Patisserie - Dessert Cafe 06

The Black Sesame Tart ($7.80) was a tantalising combination of sesame frangipane, sesame cremeux, and a baked tuile atop a charcoal tart shell.

The amalgamation of textures was delightful, with the rich, nutty sesame providing a pleasantly depth of flavour.

Ciel Patisserie - Dessert Cafe 07

Another new selection is the Matcha Tart ($7.80), a vision in green with matcha cremeux, matcha powder, and a charcoal tart shell.

The earthy bitterness of the matcha was balanced by the sweetness of the tart.

Ciel Patisserie - Dessert Cafe 08

If you want to go for their signatures, then it would be the Lemon Meringue Tart ($6.80) with buttery, crisp crust filled with lush, tangy lemon cream and crowned with a silky Italian meringue.

Ciel Patisserie - Dessert Cafe 09

Ciel Patisserie’s Strawberry Shortcake ($7.50) is another showcase of simplicity and freshness.

Layers of soft sponge cake were alternated with lightly sweetened whipped cream and fresh strawberries, resulting in a dessert that was refreshingly light.

Ciel Patisserie - Dessert Cafe 10

Pairing with the delectable pastries are coffee and a wider tea selection, including an Oriental Tea category featuring Brown Sugar Ginger Tea, Bergamot Tea, and Rose Tea.

Ciel Patisserie - Dessert Cafe 11

Each can offer distinct flavour profile that would complement the desserts, enhancing the overall cafe experience.

Ciel Patisserie - Dessert Cafe 12

Ciel Patisserie
Thomson V One #01-03, 9 Sin Ming Road, Singapore 575630
Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon – Sun)

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