Imperial Herbal Chicken, Wok-Fried Hokkien Noodles with Tiger Prawns, Cheesy Seafood Laksa Cream Baked Rice, and more.

The Halal-certified On & On Diners has introduced a brand-new National Day Special Mini-Buffet menu, good for catering for your family or a small group to celebrate this special month.

Mini Buffets are great for family and group gatherings (from 8 to 10 pax) because it can be done at the comfort of your own home or the office pantry.

No elaborate set-up required, and food is served conveniently in disposable trays with full set of cutlery and wares.

With a focus on traditional local recipes cooked with quality ingredients, their team of chefs has curated a special Singapore National Day menu to cater to the local tastebuds.

The chefs are inspired by nostalgic food they grew up with, and you would find the incorporation of ingredients and items such as sambal, otah, and chilli crab sauce.

The On & On Diners National Day Mini Buffet Menu priced at $199.00, is good for 8-10 diners. With eight different categories of items to choose from, here are some of the highlights:

National Day Platter
Good for pass-arounds, the sharing platter comes with an assortment of Grilled Chicken Satay, Signature Stuffed Taupok, Sambal Fish Balls & Chicken Wings to get the party started.

The traditional Grilled Chicken Satay was cooked with a hint of smokiness and tender enough, best to be dipped into the nutty satay sauce.

The other favourites are Signature Stuffed Taupok – an item seldom seen in a buffet; and Chicken Wings well-marinated with slight sweetness on the glaze.

National Day Special – Golden Muar Otah Bun with Tartar Dip
Using the same recipe as the chunky muar otah, the muah otah here is grilled to add some char, before sandwiching between the golden mantou buns.

Dip the bun into the tartar sauce with a semi-sweet, semi-savory flavour and a bit of citrus-ness.

The other choice is the Buttery Cereal Prawns served with Chilli Crab Sauce Dip.

Appetiser – Garden Green Salad with Roasted Sesame Dressing
The refreshing Garden Green Salad comes with a generous amount of lettuce with Roma tomatoes, that cuts through the rich flavours of the other dishes.

Rice – Cheesy Seafood Laksa Cream Baked Rice
Choose between the Cheesy Nanyang Curry Baked Rice and Cheesy Seafood Laksa Cream Baked Rice for the Rice category – the latter is a new addition to the menu.

The rice was coated with a layer of cheese and seafood laksa sauce before baking to a golden-brown.

This dish would remind me of the iconic local food of Laksa, except in the form of baked rice instead of the usual rice vermicelli, with slight spicy, lemak (coconuty) flavour and generous shrimps included.

Wok-Fried Hokkien Noodles with Tiger Prawns
Choose between Wok Fried Hokkien Noodles with Tiger Prawn and Seafood White Bee Hoon for your choice of noodles.

The former comes with large tiger prawns on top of yellow and white noodles wok-fried in prawn stock for the extra oomph.

Imperial Herbal Chicken with Shiitake
In the light of National Day to #supportlocal, On & On Diners has collaborated with JJ Drink on this menu.

Working with them not only just merely brands coming together. The two R&D teams worked on infusing the iconic Jiajia Herbal Tea into this special Imperial Herbal Chicken with Shiitake.

Braised in the herbal tea, goji berries and ginseng and other aromatics to infuse the flavours thoroughly into the meat; cooked soft such that it is fork-tender and pulls apart easily.

Heritage – Delhi Style Butter Chicken
Under the Heritage category, choose from Nanyang Style Curry Chicken, Chicken Briyani, Delhi Style Butter Chicken, or Chicken Rendang.

The butter chicken base included spiced tomato and butter sauce for a rich and creamy mix.

This is made complete with achar to cut through the richness; prata and papadum which are both great perfect for dipping into the smooth and spice-infused sauce.

Fish – BBQ Sambal Fish in Banana Leaf
Choose between the BBQ Sambal Fish in Banana Leaf and Buttery Salted Egg Yolk Fish with Fish Skin for this category.

The former is inspired by the local favourite of sambal stingray, commonly found in many zi char places. The fish is made more flavourful with the generous amount sambal sauce poured over.

As for the Buttery Salted Egg Yolk Fish, the haddock fish slices would coated with thick, grainy salted egg yolk batter that added a creamy bite with a hint of spiciness due to the addition of chilli padi.

Desserts – Double Fudge Brownie & Vanilla Profiteroles
End your meal with some Double Fudge Brownie & Vanilla Profiterole, the former is rich and dense just the way chocolate lovers want it.

The vanilla profiteroles, on the other hand, provides an alternative option for desserts, were lighter and airy.

On & On National Day Mini Buffet (In collaboration with JJ Drink – Jiajia Herbal Tea)
Type of Buffet: Mini Buffet with Disposable Trays
No. of Pax: 8 – 10 pax
Price: $199.00/Bundle
Order from: NDP Exclusive Mini Buffet

Early-Bird Promotion
FREE Delivery worth $25.00 with promo code: 2022NDPFREE. Valid from 22 July 2022 to 31 July 2022.

– All orders have to be placed 3 working days in advance.
– Full payment must be made within 2 working days after checkout.
– Usual delivery fee is $25.00. Kindly note that there is an extra charge of $15 for deliveries to CBS areas and Sentosa, and surcharge of $30+ for areas with no lift landing.
– For urgent orders on the same day (at least 3 hours in advance), Whatsapp +65 9828 3292.
– Other T&C apply.

* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape. This entry is brought to you in partnership with On & On Diners.


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