Sarawak cooking has not been stranger to Singaporeans, thanks to Kolo Mee – but places like Tracy’s Sarawak Kitchen bring us into wider knowledge of Sarawak dishes.

As I am neither from Sarawak nor consider myself a Malaysian food expert, I have scoured reviews on this store, and a number have mentioned this serves authentic Sarawak food.

Besides the ever-popular Kolo Mee ($5, $6), their menu also boasts other best sellers, like Manicai Noodles or “Money Cai Longevity Noodles” ($6.50), Hakka Braised Pork ($6.50), Tomato Crispy Noodles ($6.50), and Sarawak Laksa ($6.50).

Tracy’s Sarawak Kitchen is located right next to Aljunied MRT. Look out for the ‘8890 Eating House’ coffeeshop it is in, on the MRT end of Lorong 25A Geylang.

Previously at Bukit Merah, they relocated due to the more flexible opening timings here.

Being in the construction line for the past 15 years, Tracy decided to venture into F&B cooking up dishes from her hometown since December 2021 when their store first opened.

It was also heartwarming to see her mother helping her in cooking and preparation.

Tracy’s Sarawak Kitchen

I tried the traditional Kolo Mee ($5.00) which directly translates to ‘Dry Mix Noodles’ in Hokkien.

The noodles were springy, glistening with oil, accompanied by char siew, minced meat and shallots. They don’t use lard in this.

However for me, it was another dish which stole the show – the Sarawak Laksa ($6.50). If you were wondering, it was unlike either Nonya or Penang Laksa.

Made with 48 different spices and a splash of coconut milk, its spiciness (aromatic spiciness) and creaminess meld together and really grew on me.

Tracy’s Sarawak Kitchen

A squeeze of lime added the citrus it needed to cut through this smorgasbord of deep flavours, though not overpoweringly.

The noodles and prawns were also cooked well and complemented the laksa gravy. Add in the sambal belacan for extra heat.

The Tomato Crispy Noodles ($6.50) was appetising and well-balanced in terms of the sauce – not overly sour or salty as some other tomato-based sauces would go.

I also enjoyed the fishcake, prawns and crispy noodles which added contrasting textures to the dish.

Tracy’s Sarawak Kitchen

As suggested by the owner, I squeezed in a last dish with no regrets.

The Hakka Braised Pork ($6.50) was moreish, a result due to the thick gravy the meat was marinated and cooked in.

The familiar taste dish reminded my Nonya dining partner of the Peranakan Babi Ponteh, perhaps like a distant cousin.

I left this stall making a note to come back again to try more dishes and the favorites from today.

If you are looking to expand your Sarawak food have-tried-s beyond just Kolo Mee, Tracy’s Sarawak Kitchen is a good place to start.

Tracy’s Sarawak Kitchen

Tracy’s Sarawak Kitchen
90 Lor 25A Geylang, Singapore 388265 (Near Aljunied MRT)
Tel: +65 8282 6067
Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm (Tues – Sun) or till sold out, Closed Mon

* Written by Laura Wong @llua. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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