[BANGKOK] Matcha lovers will probably be thrilled to know that MTCH™, a contemporary matcha bar has opened at Ari in Bangkok.

Known as the upcoming hipster area for cafe hoppers, the area in Ari has seen many new cafes opening lately.

Located within a shophouse with 2 storeys, MTCH has a more modern and minimalist design unlike a Japanese teahouse.

MTCH is derived from the word “Matcha’, without all the vowels, and can be easily inferred as a matcha cafe.

The space is filled with white walls, long white fluorescent bulbs, potted plants and wooden benches.

Most of the dine-in area are located on the 2nd storey, as their ordering and preparation counter takes up most of the indoor space on the first floor.


Specialising in various single-origin matcha from Japan, such as Uji, Yabe and Fukuoka known to be top producers of tea leaves, each one has a distinct flavour profile depending on place of cultivation and brewing techniques.

According to MTCH, some matcha powder sourced from Tsuyu Hikari and Uji Samidori go better with hot water whereas those from Okumidori and Haru is suited with cold milk.

Cafes prices are no longer as cheap as they used to be, with prices starting from THB 150 (SGD 6) for a cup of Matcha Latte whereas drinks without milk start from THB 120 (SGD 4.80).

I had the hot Matcha Latte with their signature OYT blend (THB 150, SGD 6), freshly prepared ala minute upon order.

While we are familiar with them pouring the whisked matcha over cold fresh milk, the staff at MTCH whisked the drink twice, first to mix the matcha powder with hot water, and the second time by pouring cold milk into the mixture and whisked it further.

The result is a foamy matcha latte that is very well mixed, slightly umami with popcorn taste and a creamy mouthful texture.

I liked that the matcha is not one-dimensional bitter, yet it’s packed with different flavours and easy to drink.


I decided to go with their most expensive iced Matcha Latte using matcha powder from Arashi (THB 180, SGD 7.20).

As a matchaholic, I preferred the Arashi Matcha Latte which has a stronger toasted aroma, more umami with notes of seaweed and a nutty hazelnut taste.

Apart from the matcha and Hojicha drinks, MTCH offers a selection of desserts made in house using their matcha powder.

Both Matcha and Hojicha are available for both their Banoffee (THB 180, SGD 7.20), Panna Cotta (THB 135, SGD 5.40) and Affogato (THB 160, SGD 6.20).


The Banoffee (THB 180, SGD 7.20) was well made, with biscuit crumble and caramel sauce at the bottom, topped with sliced banana, matcha chocolate ganache, fresh cream and dusted with matcha powder on top.

The overall taste is flavourful and well executed, with sweetness from the caramel sauce and banana that counterbalance the bitterness from the matcha ganache.

I enjoyed the different combination of textures, from the crumble biscuit base to the rich matcha ganache, moist banana and fluffy fresh cream.


Diners who enjoyed their get their matcha powder off the shelves.


65 Phahon Yothin 5, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm (Mon, Wed – Sun), Closed Tues

Google Maps – MTCH

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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