[SEOUL] In a survey on what are some of the top “Chimek” (Chicken & Beer) brands well-liked by Korean locals, the top five brands ranked by popularity are Kyochon Chicken, Goobne, BHC Chicken, BBQ Olive Chicken, and lastly Nene Chicken.

Puradak Chicken is probably one of the relatively newer entrants in “Chimek” market founded since 2014 and has expanded to more than 700 stores as of 2021.

The brand first caught my attention from its lavish looking LV-alike packaging design; with chic dark brown and gold element designed takeaway boxes, and delivered in eco-friendly black recycling bags.

Its endorsement by Korean Celebrity Jung Hae-in 정해인 (Snowdrop, A Piece of Your Mind, D.P. Goblin) definitely helped in propelling its market exposure to greater heights.

Specializes in oven-baked fried chicken, their cooking process involves chicken parts being oven-baked to retain moisture in its meat, and then deep-fried in clean oil to achieve its light crispy texture.

Further tossed in their array of house-concocted sauces with interesting flavours such as Mad Garlic, Spicy Devil, Basil Festa and Pabulro (Spring onion).

Deciphering the menu on its website can be daunting from its never-ending scrolling list.

To summarize, all flavours are available in choice of default mixed chicken parts, or can be customized to full wings & drumlet combo or boneless chicken, usually at a nominal price top-up.

Single flavour chicken is usually priced at around KRW18900 (SGD$21.00).

For the best of both chicken world, I went for the Half-Half Boneless Black-Mayo Chicken (KRW19900, SGD$22.10) comprising two flavours – Black Aglio and Chilli Mayonnaise.

The Black Aglio chicken was tossed in aromatic dark soy sauce, accompanied with deep-fried sliced garlic pieces for the additional flavour boost.

My personal pick goes to the Chilli Mayonnaise chicken, which was coated with loads of red pepper mayonnaise and topped with chopped jalapenos for the mild spicy kick.

In one bite, you can get a rich and flavoursome taste profile from savoury chicken, a little bit of spiciness from chillies and sweet creamy finish from the accompanying sauce. Daebak!

I also liked that only boneless chicken thigh instead of usual chicken breast, were used to derive its tender and juicy meat texture.

For taste comparison, I also had the original Puradak Chicken which was supposedly healthier from oven-baking and only lightly flavoured using herbs and sesame seeds.

Maybe its just me but I found it slightly bland for my liking, probably more suitable for those who are more health conscious.

Other than chicken, they also serve sides such as flavoured Tteokbokki (KRW3900, SGD$4.30), French Fries (KRW5900, SGD$6.50) and Pizza (KRW15900, SGD$17.60).

While Puradak Chicken has multiple outlets across Korea, most of their stores usually operates as takeaway and delivery joint.

For those looking for dine-in, there is a flagship store conveniently located at the unofficial “Chimek” street of Myeong Dong. (The store took over where 678 Chicken used to be.)

Puradak Chicken (Myeong Dong) 푸라닭치킨
21 Myeongdong 7-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Opening Hours: 12pm – 12am (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Lewis Tan @juicyfingers, a self-proclaimed coffee addict. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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