[SEOUL] Apgujeong and Ikseon-dong are known to be the popular areas for cafe hoppers to explore in Seoul, Korea.

Instead of venturing into these known area for cafes, we decided to explore somewhere nearer to Yeouido since we were in the area for the cherry blossoms season.

Mullae, shown in one of the scenes in Avengers 2, is located on the south-western side of Yeouido and is the upcoming hipster area for many indie cafes and artistic brands.

The area is home to many small scale steel factories in the 1970s, but many had shifted out of the area for alternative areas with cheaper rents during the financial crisis in the late 90s.

With empty factories left behind, many units were taken over by artists and cafe owners in the recent years.

Here is the charm, these indie cafes have an older-looking, rustic industrial outer facade but may look totally different when you step inside.

Rust Bakery somehow reminds me of Cafe Onion at Seongsu-dong, a metal factory converted into a cafe with an industrial chic vibe, an outdoors rooftop terrace on the second floor and a decently large selection of bakes on display.

Perhaps something different here at Rust Bakery is that there is an indoors sheltered area on the second floor in addition to the outdoors alfresco area, which proves to be useful on colder and windy days.

On the first floor, the open-concept bakery and the coffee bar counter takes up most of the space, against a cemented, grey wall and wooden shelves with all the pastries on display.

Different pastries are displayed at different times of the day, so do keep a lookout for your desired bakes.

Head up the narrow staircase to the second floor where the space is predominantly white bricked walls decked in washed out wooden furnitures.

Here, you will find different rooms segregated by the walls, creating a cosy little space for small groups of diners.

2 espresso blends are used here at Rust Bakery: Intenso blend with hints of dried plums, caramel, dark chocolate and Seasonal blend with notes of orange, peach and milk chocolate.

Espresso-based drinks start from KRW 4000 (SGD$4.50) for a cup of Espresso, Americano (KRW 4500, SGD$5), Latte/ Cappuccino (KRW 4800, SGD$5.40), Vanilla Latte (KRW 5000, SGD$5.60) and Einspanner (KRW 5500. SGD$6.20).

Non-espresso based drinks include Tea – Peach Blossom Tea, Vanilla Mint Chai and Chamomile Medly (KRW 5000, SGD$5.60), Chocolate Latte (KRW 6000, SGD$6.80) and Caramel Latte (KRW 5300, SGD$6).

There was quite an assortment during my my visit, from Garlic Croissant (KRW 4600, SGD$5.20) to Apple Crumble Croissant (KRW 5000, SGD$5.60), English Madeline (KRW 4700, SGD$5.30), Cheese Brownie (KRW 5500, SGD$6.20), Cruffin and Scones.

My favourite was the Garlic Croissant (KRW 4600, SGD$5.20), a croissant version of the once famed Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread, piped with generous amount of garlic cream cheese within the buttery and flaky croissant.

The garlic cream cheese has a slight sweetness with a distinct garlic taste, that balances off with the buttery layers of croissant.

There is a nice textural contrast between the smooth, velvety cream cheese and light, flaky outer layers.

The English Madeline (KRW 4700, SGD$5.30) comes in the form of vanilla sponge coated in berry jam, with desiccated coconuts on the surface, topped with fresh cream and strawberry.

The vanilla sponge cake is moist and fluffy, with an added crunch from the desiccated coconuts, lightly sweetened by the strawberry jam.

The Sweet Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pound Cake (KRW 6200, SGD$7) was probably the weaker item, with bits of cream cheese embedded within the pumpkin pound cake, topped with matcha crumbles for the extra crunch.

The flavours were on the lighter side and not as distinctive, yet the sponge cake was a tad too dry.

If you are ever in Seoul, I will recommend to check out Mullae for their interesting cafes there.

Rust Bakery 러스트 베이커리
15 Gyeongin-ro 79-gil, Mullae-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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