[Seoul] NUDAKE 누데이크 the artisanal desert brand under Gentle Monster has opened their first flagship store in their home ground at Apgujeong HAUS Dosan.

This is a 5-storey building housing their own Gentle Monster and cosmetic brand tamburins under the same roof.

Their objective is to provide a space for quirky gourmet pastries and treats, that builds on the conceptual aesthetics of its parent company.

Combining fashion, art and sweet dreams in their desserts, diners will be in for a visual treat.

Note that there is another NUDAKE at Seongsu-dong, but this is only the dessert cafe concept.

Located at the basement floor of HAUS Dosa in Apgujeong, this is a hipster place where many indie cafes are located.

Head down the staircase on the right hand side of the entrance and you will be greeted with a huge open space, decked in industrial grey with black track lights running across the ceiling, equipped with black/ wooden furniture.

Amidst the dark interior, the colourful centrepiece stole the limelight.

There is a huge fruit basket with vibrant colours that stood out from the darker interior, with various fruits and vegetables spilling across the floor.

A look at the display will indicate that their signature item is actually the Picnic (KRW 32k, SGD36), a basket made from multigrain bread with almond cream and seasonal fruits.

Well, isn’t it interesting to eat fruits at a cafe?

All the pastries are neatly displayed on the elongated wooden table surrounding the centrepiece, which mimics a walk down an art gallery where customers can view and pick their choice of pastries.

One distinctive characteristic found in all their pastries is the use of black, white and occasional green colours, each created in very unique shapes and sizes.

Can you image a dessert made in the shape of a cauliflower, dogs or even art sculptures?

I wished that I had enough stomach capacity to try all the unique-looking pastries, which kinda look weird but interesting at the same time.

The Peak (KRW 23k, SGD25.90) stood out among all, a black layered croissant tart crust, with generous amount of striking green due to the matcha milk spread, in contrast to the black charcoal tart.

The charcoal layered croissant crust was light and flaky, not as buttery as I had imagined, which complements the stronger flavoured matcha milk, mixed with fresh cream and butter in it.

Slice the tart open to release an avalanche of matcha milk cream, slightly sweet and milky, perfect for dipping the croissant.

The FOG (Small KRW 13k, SGD14.60) is a monochromatic cylinder that progressively goes from black to white on the surface.

FOG is an acronym for Fresh cream, Olive, Gyeran (Korean name for “Egg”), the respective ingredients used in the distinctive layers when sliced opened.

As the olive is finely chopped into smaller bits, it’s difficult to guess the components, only to know that it is fibrous and add a chewy texture to it.

The sponge cake is moist and soft, with a nice textural contrast to the chewy olive bits.

The Oik (KRW 12k, SGD13.50), a mousse cake made from apple mint and dill mousse with layers of cucumber jelly and tomato jam within.

This is actually my favourite, light and refreshing with a good balance of sweetness from the tomato jam, earthy flavours of cucumber and refreshing hints of apple mint.

4 signature drinks can be found here, each also looking as unique as its concept.

Imagine having their Nu Truffle (KRW 9k), a mocha latte topped with truffle-infused cream and a mini black croissant sitting on top.

Or even the Pieta Milk (KRW 9k, SGD10) where hot milk is poured over a Dutch coffee ice sculpture; Peak Green Tea Latte (KRW 7k, SGD7.90) which is the liquid version of their dessert – The Peak, with streaks of black charcoal against the green matcha green tea and Dutch Black (KRW 7k, SGD7.90), a Dutch coffee with black sesame syrup.

This is my first time experiencing truffle in my drinks and the Nu Truffle (KRW 9k, SGD10) wasn’t as overpowering as I expected, with light scent of truffle aroma on the surface.

Thank goodness the mocha doesn’t contain any hints of truffle, which will probably turned out too quirky with the combination.

With an interesting concept with appealing looks and taste, Nudake Haus Dosan is definitely one of the cafes to check out when you are in Seoul.

If you are a fan of Korean-pop group NewJeans, do check out their pop-up store in collaboration with NUDAKE.

The store called “OMG! NU+JEANS” is launched ahead of the group’s coming EP “OMG”, and will last till 21 January 2023.

Look out for cute bunny-shaped cakes available in 5 different colours (that reveal a heart when sliced down the middle), seasonal items, as well as the groups’ merchandise.

Other products, including tree topper sets and garlands, will be sold at both stores at Haus Dosan and Seongsu. Time to be a “Hype Boy” and head down.

NUDAKE Haus Dosan
50 Apgujeong-ro 46-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm, (Mon – Sun)

Google Maps – NUDAKE Haus Dosan

NUDAKE Seongsu
26 Seongsuiro 7(chil)-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Google Maps – NUDAKE Haus Seongsu

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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