If the travel bug is biting you strongly for a beach holiday (but heading overseas is not on the cards yet), consider having the ultimate beach dining experience at Coastes.

Coastes is a popular beachfront bar and restaurant along Sentosa’s Siloso Beach, in which you can experience hearty food from brunch, burgers, pasta, mains to desserts.

You can also treat yourself to a seemingly endless selection of fresh seafood, vegetarian, to plant-based dishes.

Craving for some local flavours? You’ll find them here with a contemporary touch.

If you are ‘Grab-bing’ to Coastes, stop at Beach Station Car Park and take a short 5 minutes’ walk over.

That picturesque location, a casual laid-back vibe, and a brand-new a la carte menu together should make Coastes that the perfect idyllic island getaway.

Their hearty brunch plates available from 9am to 3pm are a must.

New items in the Brunch Menu include Coastes Signature Breakfast, Fresh Bagel with TiNDLE™ Chicken, Bacon & Arugula Fritatta, Chorizo & Bacon Stew with Poached Eggs, and Fluffy Pancakes.

Of course, there is also the reliable Rosti with Smoked Salmon & Poached Eggs.

Here’s what you can expect from the new menu at Coastes:

Coastes Signature Breakfast ($22)
Fuel yourself up with a complete, balanced, and hearty breakfast with the all-new Coastes Signature Breakfast.

Soft and creamy scrambled eggs are accompanied with a savoury grilled sausage and crispy strips of bacon.

Oven-roasted plum tomatoes add smoky yet fresh flavours, while cremini mushrooms add extra earthy goodness. Served with a couple slices of crisp-toasted sourdough bread.

Fresh Bagel with TiNDLE™ Chicken ($16)
Whether you’re a strict vegetarian or simply prefer a plant-based diet, you can find delicious options at Coastes.

Try their new bagel offering made with TiNDLE™ ‘chicken’ – the first plant-based ‘chicken’ with no compromise to taste, texture or versatility.

This warm and toasted bagel sandwiches slices of hard-boiled eggs, smashed avocado chunks, and of course, tender chunks of TiNDLE™ chicken.

Want your sandwich more “earthy”? Try Scrambled Eggs & Forest Mushrooms on Pita Bread. You get none of the meat – just pure meatless bliss.

Available 11am onwards, the All-Day Menu features a bevy of salads & starters, beach buns (freshly grilled burgers served with fries), pasta & risotto, fresh homemade hand-stretched pizzas, seafood, sharing platters (good for 2 beach bums), beach snacks, and delightful desserts.

Chilli Crab Dip with Soft Shell Crab ($20)
A local dish made into a modern appetiser, this is almost like a deconstruction of Singapore’s National Dish, Singaporean Chili Crab.

Savour a soft-shelled crab deep-fried to a crisp, accompanied with a thick and chunky chili crab dip. This luscious gravy is chockful of succulent chunks of fresh crab and imparts that familiar sweet and spicy flavour.

Served with hot and toasty golden mantou buns ready for dunking in the irresistible dip.

Ayam Panggang Burger ($16)
Discover this mod-Sin creation inspired by Malaysian flavours of ayam panggang or barbecued spicy chicken.

At the heart of this burger is a freshly grilled sweet-and-spicy-marinated chicken, nestled in between toasted sesame buns.

A dressing of sambal-infused mayo slathered over the chicken, plus achar (pickled veggies) and a fried egg, make this a must-try beach bun. Served with crispy potato fries on the side.

Take your taste buds on a journey as they encounter a medley of sweet, salty, spicy and sour flavours.

Angus Beef Ribs & Pepper Jack Cheese Burger ($29)
This new beach bun entry is dedicated to meat lovers who can’t wait to get their hands on some ribs or burger, or both.

A cheeseburger made not with a beef patty but a succulent and juicy freshly grilled Angus beef ribs.

A toasty warm bun cradles this meaty goodness stacked with Pepper Jack cheese, a spread of creamy mayo, gherkins, and some fresh arugula. Served with a side of crispy potato fries.

There is quite a range of burgers here from the classic Premium Angus Beef Burger ($20), Bacon, Egg & Cheese Angus Beef Burger ($26), to the meat-free Crispy Cheese Impossible™ Burger ($24) for your sheer enjoyment.

Penne Bacon Amatriciana ($18)
With the upgraded menu comes new pasta entrees to add more exciting flavours for your palate.

Check out their Penne Bacon Amatriciana, made for the meat lover in mind. Al dente penne are tossed in a rich sauce of tomato concasse made chunkier with bacon, Spanish onions, and a hint of chili.

Like the guanciale in Italian Amatricianas, the bacon adds a nice smoky flavour to the sauce.

Prawn & Chorizo Aglio Olio ($28)
Joining the pasta entrees is the new Prawn & Chorizo Aglio Olio featuring a duo of Tiger prawns and spicy pork chorizo. What makes them extra tasty and aromatic is sautéing them in garlic and white wine sauce.

A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of basil chiffonade completes this dish. If you like your pasta with some heat, order this.

Other exciting pasta and risotto choices include Spaghetti Carbonara ($24), Impossible™ Beef Bolognese ($18), Slipper Lobster Penne ($32), and Crab & Scallop Risotto ($26).

Crispy Golden Waffles ($10)
For a sweet treat any time of the day, why not set fluffy aside and have your waffles golden brown and crispy.

You may have it plain ($10) or topped with fresh banana slices, Nutella, and chocolate chips (add $5) to brighten up your morning even further.

If you prefer a fruitier version, try an add on of fresh summer berries (add $4); for ultimate waffle experience, make it a la mode with a scoop of ice cream (add $4).

Hang out in their breezy beach bar, and enjoy ice-cold premium beers including 1664 Lager & 1664 Blanc, house-pour spirits, and beach-inspired cocktails.

Watch the sunset or simply relax to a mix of Balearic tunes. Or soak up the sun, sand, and sea from one of their sunbeds inches from the water’s edge.

50 Siloso Beach Walk, 01-06, Singapore 099000
Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)
Reservation: https://www.coastes.com

Get $100 Coastes F&B Voucher at $70
Buy Now Here: https://www.sentosa.com.sg/en/things-to-do/dining/coastes

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Coastes.


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