Wait, wait, wait… this Dim Sum eatery is opened for only two days a week during the weekends, from 7am to 4pm.

Can someone enlighten me, what do they do from Mondays to Fridays then? Rest, supply other places, prepare ingredients?

Shi Wei Xian Hong Kong Dim Sum 食为先香港点心 is known among the Aljunied foodie community for its “cheap and good” dim sum items served in a coffeeshop. (Also read: 10 Affordable Dim Sum Supper Places In Singapore)

However, do not head over to their old venue at Aljunied Avenue 2, as they have moved to Geylang East Avenue 3.

Dim Sum items still remain affordable, costing between $1.20 for a Char Siew Pau to $4 for a Chicken Feet Steamed Rice.

Some of the steamed selection includes Steamed Dumpling ($3.50), Lotus Leaf Rice ($3.50), Prawn Dumpling ($3.50), Bean Sauce Pork Ribs ($3.50), and Crystal Pau ($3.50).

Also available are Fried Dim Sum of Fried Yam Puff ($3.60 for 3pcs), Salad Prawn Dumplings ($3.60), Fried Yam Puff ($3.60), Fried Sesame Ball ($3.60), Fried Ngoh Hiang Chicken Roll ($3.60) and Mango Banana Fritters ($4.50).

I was curious about its Crab Meat Siew Mai ($3.50). While I couldn’t really find distinguishable pieces of crab within, the dumpling was surprisingly succulent, packed with meat and not too starchy – some places you consume more flour than actual meat.

My favourite item happened to be the Yuan Yang Chee Cheong Fun ($4) with char siew and prawn fillings covered with the smooth and warm rice noodle roll.

It was poured over with a tasty soy sauce mixture, slightly on the salty side, but would work for those who are ”zhong kou wei (prefer a rich taste).

The Century Egg Pork Porridge ($2) was pleasantly thick and smooth, though slightly on the blander side contrastingly and could be more fragrant.

While I have read positive reviews of the Fried Spring Roll ($3.60 for 3 pcs), these arrived slightly on the colder side and ‘pale-looking’, would have been much better if they were served freshly deep-fried and golden in colour.

The Carrot Cake ($3.60) was unfortunately too starchy and on the oilier side, and it also took the longest to arrive when I was about to finish all the other food.

Overall, there were some hits and one or two misses. But I could imagine why customers would come here to eat to their fill, as it is tastier than some of the others selling “cheap dim sum” in Singapore.

Shi Wei Xian Hong Kong Dim Sum
1015 Geylang East Ave 3, #01-109, Singapore 389730
Opening Hours: 7am – 4pm (Sat – Sun), Closed Mon – Fri

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