[Bangkok] No one should ever leave Bangkok without trying the famous dessert of khao niaow ma muang aka Mango Sticky Rice.

While there are Michelin-recommended eateries,, many street side stalls, and even the Suvarnabhumi Airport souvenir shops selling that, where you can find instagrammable version of the iconic dessert is at Mango Garden.

The thematic mango dessert place first originated from the Phi Phi Island, then crossed over to Bangkok to open at Siam Paragon.

It is located at level 1, a short walking distance from After You Desserts.

As the name suggests, this café is basically an explosion of mango the moment you step inside.

The aesthetics truly depict the king of fruits in all its glory with tainted glasses painted with mangoes, ripe mangoes on display and a lot of yellow mixed in with the furnishing and décor.

The café specializes in traditional mango desserts – most of them with a modern twist.

This is truly inventive and creative, as they take traditional desserts like sticky rice and enhance it with colours and Thai touches.

Many go for the famous Sunrise Mango (215 baht for usual size, 145 baht for mini size). I went for the mini-sized which came with one sweet mango, and half-and-half rice.

The mango sticky rice contains dried fish flakes to add those little flavours of Thailand and give you that extra kick of flavours.

You might feel skeptical at first but the savory fish flakes actually go surprisingly well with mango.

Beautifully-presented with both blue and white sticky rice, the blue colours are from the Thai butterfly pea flower and add an ethnic touch to the dessert.

The rice comes from organic paddy fields in the Chiang Rai province, and was nicely cooked till moist and not overly rich. However, some may feel that the high price may not be justifiable.

Another popular dessert is the Garden Reuben Toast (255 baht) which is your shibuya toast with 3 scoops of ice cream, fresh mangoes and sticky rice. Carb alert.

If bingsu or kakigori is your kind of desserts, the Mango Glacier (285 baht) comes with blue rubies, grass jelly, and mangoes, then further topped with coconut ice-cream for that sweet treat.

The Mango Garden (Siam Paragon)
Rama1 Siam Paragon Ground Floor, BangkokThailand
Tel: +66 91 989 2965
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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