[Ipoh, Malaysia] Perhaps Singaporeans are more familiar with Hong Kong-style Chee Cheong Fun which means “pig intestine noodles”, a rice noodle sheet made from rice-flour batter.

Unlike the ones commonly seen in Singapore or in Hong Kong, the Chee Cheong Fun in Ipoh are thinly sliced into ribbon-like shapes before adding different sauces and condiments over it.

The Beancurd, Hor Fun, Chee Cheong Fun and even beansprouts which are fat and crunchy in Ipoh taste different from the ones we have elsewhere.

This is due to the geographical location with multiple limestone hills and hot springs with an abundance of mineral-rich “hard water” used in food manufacturing.

Canning Garden is a popular breakfast spot for locals, known for their Chee Cheong Fun and “Brigitte Lin” (Lin Qing Xia) Fried Chicken from a mixed-rice stall that is highly recommended by Hong Kong director and actor Chapman To.

Currently managed by the second generation, the Chee Cheong Fun is served on their iconic metal plates unlike other places.

Order might be a little confusing as the compound is shared by 2 stalls, namely the Chee Cheong Fun and Mixed rice stall.

Firstly, look for a table anywhere in the coffeeshop before ordering as you will require your table number (take reference from the banner at the counter) to order.

Secondly, decide between the 2 sizes of Chee Cheong Fun.

Prices start at RM 3.80 (SGD1.30) for a Regular serving and RM 4.60 (SGD1.55) for a Large serving.

Extra sauces will be charged at an additional RM 0.50 (SGD0.20).

Thirdly, indicate which one of the 3 sauces do you prefer: Mushroom Gravy, Chili Sauce and Sweet Sauce, or a combination of two or all three sauces.

Lastly, decide which of the 5 condiments to add onto your plate: fried shallots, soy sauce, sesame seeds, sesame oil and green chili.

My favourite was the Mushroom Gravy with minced pork in it which is fragrant due to the fried shallots and sesame oil.

Unlike the Chee Cheong Fun that we are used to, the size is slightly thicker with more textures in it, but it’s still light and silky smooth.

The focus still lies in the unique texture of the Chee Cheong Fun whereas the sauces and condiments play the supporting role to elevate the taste of the dish.

For those who cannot decide on the sauce to add-on, the mixture of sweet and chili sauce might be a little too overwhelming with too many components in one dish.

The Chee Cheong Fun at Canning Garden might be a simple dish, but it can be simple and flavourful.

Canning Garden Chee Cheong Fun 怡保桂和园猪肠粉
No 27 Lorong Cecil Rae, Canning Garden, Ipoh, Malaysi
Opening Hours: 7am – 11am (Mon – Sun), or until sold out
(Closed Tues, Wed every alternate week)
Google Maps – Canning Garden Chee Cheong Fun

* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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