Depart from the usual hotspot joints and go for the interestingly unique variety of soup bases at Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot 同心如意传统铜火锅.

What’s the difference between this and other hotpots?

I am talking about Golden Chicken Soup, Golden Frog Soup (!), Stewed Marinated Beef with Spicy Soup, Tomato with Oxtail Soup, Pickled Chinese Cabbage with Pork Rib Soup, and Catfish with Spicy Soup.

Interesting, yah? Serving signature soups brimming with premium ingredients upon order, this steamboat restaurant moved from its location in Boat Quay to Lorong Telok recently.

Every soup base is a product of creative intent, developed after months of tweaking and adjusting until masterfully executed. Soups can also be further customised with any of their three levels of spicy-and-sour.

Here you will find a wide range of different beef cuts from around the world, from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and USA. There are also unique and specially-sourced vegetables like the Gracilaria (龙须菜) and Pea Sprouts (豌豆尖) to be discovered.

Golden Chicken Soup / Golden Frog Soup ($68 for full pot)
Two new soup bases are introduced in Tong Xin Ru Yu’s menu – a complex yet mildly flavoured Golden Soup available in Chicken and Frog variants.

Like a well-orchestrated symphony, the Golden Soup is composed of different ingredients added in at the right moment – a medley of black fungus, yam, konjac, pineapple chunks, sliced cucumber, brown shimeji mushrooms, fresh parsley, and sweet golden pumpkin swimming in a pool of liquid gold.

Hours of slow cooking produced a robust flavoured soup that harmoniously blends with fresh hotpot ingredients – your choice of succulent chunks of chicken and a nourishing chicken broth or some plump frogs.

First things first, so you would discover loads of ingredients already within your hotpot broth, so you may just want to savour the soup on its own and tender chicken pieces (they were really soft) before adding more ingredients.

As for the taste, it was something I never quite had before, but it would be a cross between chicken and pumpkin soup? Nourishing tasting, and doesn’t leave you thirsty after seconds and thirds.

Stewed Marinated Beef with Spicy Soup ($48 for full pot)
This top-seller signature soup features a savoury trilogy of fork-tender chunks of braised beef, soft beef tendons and chewy beef backstraps.

In contrast to the mild Golden Soup, this one is intensely packed with spicy notes from the mix of Sichuan peppercorns and chilli slices.

A hearty soup made even heartier with the addition of house-made deep-fried golden tofu cubes and chunks of radish.

You will taste in each spoonful an intensely piquant soup further enriched with traditional herbs and spices.
Other signature soups include Pickled Chinese Cabbage with Pork Rib Soup ($28), Tomato with Oxtail Soup ($48), Catfish with Spicy Soup ($48), and Fish with Pickled Cabbage Soup – with your choice of Dory Fish ($38) or Catfish ($48).

Vegetarians will have their own share of equally satisfying hotpot soup bases such as the Vegetarian Spicy Soup ($16) and Corn with Tomato Soup ($16).

Premium Eight Second Beef ($24 per portion)
Aside from the usual meats, seafood, mushroom, leafy greens and noodles, Tong Xin Ru Yi offers top-rate ingredients like the Premium Eight Second Beef.

The best way to savour this well-marbled meat, as its name suggests, is to dip it into the hotpot for exactly 8 seconds.

Sourced from New Zealand, this high-quality beef is delivered weekly and comes in limited quantities.

Make sure to add this to your hotpot ingredients to experience its melt-in-the-mouth tenderness.

Beef Tongue ($22 per portion)
Another premium cut for your steamboat is the Beef Tongue, presented in a non-so-common fashion.

You wouldn’t expect this chewy meat stylishly served as thin slices, then rolled intricately to resemble a pinkishly red rose. But it is.

Appreciate it before you plop those slices into the piping hot soup. This has a lean and chewy texture – some love it; some may not as much.

Premium Chef-Sliced Beef Shin ($28 per portion)
From the land of Australia comes this satisfying marbled beef cut, chef-sliced with precision for utmost thinness.

According to the waitress, the meat comes from a small portion of the cow’s steer (cut of beef taken from the lower leg) so it is more precious and available only in small quantities (pre-ordering would avoid disappointments).

The Beef Shin is usually seen as a tougher cut but since it is sliced so thin and blessed with marbling, it turned out to be tender and flavourful.

Spicy Beef Cube ($16 per portion)
Switch up the heat some more when you add these spicy beef cubes into your spicy soup, a popular dish from Sichuan.

Sourced from the USA, these bite-sized beef cubes are marinated in a Picante sauce and lavishly crusted with red chilli flakes.

These turned out to be one of my new-found favourites due to the tenderness of the cubes.

As a tip: these would be better for the spicy broth to further accentuate the flavours.

Shake-shake Crispy Pork ($10 per portion)
Served in a shaker tub, these addictive pork pieces are fried to a crisp and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper.

Munch them on their own as a snack or appetiser, pair with some ice-cold beer as bar chow, or just dip them in your preferred broth for seconds.

However you want it, make sure to shake shake it to spread out the seasonings.

Fish Tofu ($14 per portion)
Add variety by throwing in some fish tofu into your hotpot. These firm yet chewy pieces are made with minced Dory fish meat and moulded by hand into cubes.

They are steamed and then lightly fried to a nice shade of golden brown.

Vince Tofu ($8 per portion)
Under the soy bean products you’ll find the Vince Tofu, a display of the chefs’ impeccable kitchen skills.

This eye-catching tofu is delicately sliced into thin strands to replicate a white Chrysanthemum in bloom inside a bowl. Both visually stimulating and a textural addition to your soup.

Gracilaria ($6 per portion)
The Gracilaria or 龙须菜 is a specially sourced imported vegetable with a seaweed-like texture.

Its crunchy texture and distinctive taste could appeal to diners with an acquired taste, or to those who are ready to try anything at least once.

Do not leave this in the broth too long as it loses it crunchiness and becomes mushy.

BBQ Garlic Oysters ($32 for 6pcs)
One of the special recommendations, these BBQ Garlic Oysters are prepared by roasting oysters in shells over live charcoals.

Slurp all 6 pieces of Canadian oysters generously drizzled with the chef’s special house-made sauce, blended with minced garlic, chilli, and chopped spring onions.

Or opt to enjoy the oysters fresh so you can taste the pure essence of the sea. This dish requires pre-order in advance.

Sichuan Traditional Ice Jelly ($3 per portion)
Conclude your meal with this summer dessert bowl, a refreshing combination of ice jelly, black sugar syrup, crushed peanuts, raisins and hawthorn.

With just the right amount of sweetness, this Sichuan specialty is the perfect antidote to the numbingly delicious spicy soup you just had.

This 150-seater, ornamented with traditional Chinese porcelain, calligraphy and basketry, almost feels like an art gallery (and can be considered as ‘instagrammable’).

Its dining space is accentuated with a Manchuria window-inspired decor, furnished with earth-toned tables and chairs, and sectioned off intricate hand-woven bamboo dividers.

You can even book your event in one of their well-partitioned rooms and enjoy private dining with family and friends.

Feel its refined and relaxing atmosphere – and there is a lot of space, a far cry from the busy streets of Singapore. Feel ‘zen’ while having hotpot, why not?

Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot
6 Lorong Telok, Singapore 049019
Tel: +65 6536 8058
Opening Hours: 11am 3pm, 4pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Fri), 12pm – 10:30pm (Sat, Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot.


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