‘Tis the Mid-Autumn season once again to indulge in deluxe hand-crafted mooncakes.

If you are still undecided on what mooncakes to get, the Kaya Truffle Snowskin, Yuzu Sake Truffle Snowskin, and luxurious Mini Baked Custard with Bird’s Nest from Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore can just seal the deal.

Plus, they all come with reduced sugar for a healthier take.

Shang Palace has always been known for producing top-quality mooncakes in Singapore, and this year the culinary team has crafted new flavours – one with an exciting local twist.

These sets are encased in elegant cases for your gift giving, in floral-themed boxes or an elegant red jewellery-box. More on that later.

Excited to know what creative flavours made it to Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s 2019 Mid-Autumn Splendour collection? Read on to start your selection process:

Shang Palace Mini Snowskin Mooncakes ($80 per box)
Introduce your taste buds to the novelty of two mooncake flavours highlighting local and Japanese ingredients: Kaya Truffle Snowskin and Yuzu Sake Truffle Snowskin.

You get 8 pieces of minis in a floral-themed beautiful baby blue tin box, with sweet blossoms across the top representing flourishing abundance.

Each one is wrapped in an improved snow skin – light and delicate.

Inside, a white chocolate shell awaits to be discovered. Will it be the silky, aromatic kaya paste or the spirited yuzu juice and zest with sake?

My vote would actually go to the Kaya Truffle Snowskin.

The kaya is actually made in-house, the recipe created after months of research and countless tastings by Shangri-La’s Executive Chef Franco Brodini.

(You may be half-wondering if an Italian chef can make a perfect kaya spread. He developed the recipe after tasting all the best kaya spreads in Singapore, and you may also have the chance to try it during breakfast at The Lobby Lounge.)

If you would prefer something tangier and citrusy, the Yuzu Sake Truffle Snowskin has that element in the middle that would spring a surprise, and balance out the sweetness.

Shangri-La’s Signature Mini Baked Custard with Bird’s Nest ($120 per box)
Making a comeback this year is Chef Mok’s Hong Kong-style baked custard mooncakes wrapping a generous serving of bird’s nest.

(Chef Mok was previously the Executive Chinese Chef of Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong, in charge of earning 2 Michelin stars for its signature restaurant, Shang Palace.)

Similar to the snow skin set, this set of 8 mooncakes is presented in an attractive crimson tin box decked with pink and blue blooms.

Baked Custard Mooncakes are very popular in Hong Kong, and has gained more attention in Singapore recent years.

What you get are tempting egg custard wrapped in golden pastry and baked. Chef Mok brings up the luxurious factor by incorporating quality bird’s nest within – also for the added beauty and health benefits.

Before serving, it is best to slow-warm them in the oven as recommended by Chef Mok. The smooth and creamy custard will taste even richer.

This limited-edition item is only available on retail directly from Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore or Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Festive Celebrations Fair (basement 2 square).

Shang Palace Four Treasures ($80 per box)
Still can’t decide which set to choose? Go for the Shang Palace Four Treasures and get the quintessential tastes of Mid-Autumn: White Lotus Seed Paste and Mixed Nuts with Chicken Ham.

A recommended gift for someone who values tradition and seeks healthier options – the White Lotus Seed Paste has reduced sugar to keep calorie count at bay.

Bite into its melt-in-your-mouth softness swathing a reduced-sugar white lotus filled with moist salted egg yolks.

Each jewellery-box – a fine silk satin-covered red case – comes with 1 piece of each, individually packaged: White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk, White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolks, Plain White Lotus Seed Paste, and Mixed Nuts with Chicken Ham.

Traditional flavours powerful enough to bring back nostalgic memories.

In case you’re bent on just 1 flavour, you can get a 4-piece box of the same kind.

You can also opt for the Reduced Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Four Yolks ($120 for box of 4); Double Yolks ($86 for box of 4); Single Yolk ($84 for box of 4), pure White Lotus Seed Paste ($74 for box of 4); or Mixed Nuts with Chicken Ham ($77 for box of 4)

Black Sesame with Taro ($74)
Part of the Baked Mooncakes collection is the brand-new Black Sesame with Taro, made from an original recipe.

If you are one of those who enjoy the distinct aroma of roasted black sesame, this set is for you.

Rich in nutty and roasted flavours, the black sesame filling is mellowed with the mild sweetness from the added taro paste.

It is also embedded with lotus seeds and cashew nuts, giving you a textured and mildly complex mouthfeel.

If you’re buying it as a gift or throwing a mooncake party at home, buy them on retail from The Mooncake Specialty Counter at the hotel lobby.

But if you can’t wait, you can savour them right away via in-restaurant dining at Shang Palace. Dine-in guests can order these mooncakes served fresh at table.

The Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore Mooncakes are available at:
– Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore – Lobby: 9 Jul – 13 Sep, 10am – 9pm
– Nex: 23 Aug – 13 Sep
– Ngee Ann City: 8 Aug – 13 Sep
– Parkway Parade: 26 Aug – 13 Sep
– Suntec City: 20 Aug – 13 Sep
– VivoCity: 15 Aug – 13 Sep

Orders for both the Signature Limited Edition, the Baked and the Snowskin Mooncakes may be made by:
– Calling Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore at 6213 4511 or 6213 4473
– Emailing Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore at shangpalace.sls@shangri-la.com
– Order online bit.ly/shangmidautumn

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with The Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.


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