This year, TungLok lights up the galaxy in g-astronomic proportions with healthier, out-of-this-world mooncakes.

A follow up to last year’s introduction of Healthier Low Sugar mooncakes, TungLok is back with even better products, lower-sugar mooncakes that doesn’t sacrifice taste.

Ie, mooncakes without the guilt.

They are the only red and white lotus mooncakes in Singapore to be endorsed by Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS).

As the pioneer user of natural low-calorie sugar Allulose, TungLok developed mooncakes that contain 25% less sugar than others.

They enhanced the lipid profile by using 100% pure peanut oil, rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids that help increase “good” and decrease “bad” cholesterol. (Other mooncakes more commonly use palm oil.)

Taste-wise, expect to savour a genuine lotus paste filling. The lotus flavour is preserved and not diluted by mixing it with other beans. You get 100% pure lotus seeds in each TungLok mooncake.

Here are some of the highlights of TungLok’s Mid-Autumn Season collection 2019:

TungLok Treasure Box ($138 for 4 pieces)
This limited-edition wooden chest combines vibrancy and delicacy, a bright orange canvass accentuated with exquisite Chinese brush paintings.

The birds-and-magnolias motif symbolises beauty and purity, making this a well-crafted, thoughtful, charming gift for the special people in your life.

Inside, treasures await. You will find four pieces of Double Yolk White Lotus mooncakes, packed in individual boxes. Recommended if you are super intent on just one flavour, especially if you love velvety-smooth lotus paste.

TungLok Perfect Duo ($78 for 4 pieces)
Add variety to your set by getting the TungLok Perfect Duo, a perfect mooncake duet of Double Yolk White Lotus and Double Yolk Red Lotus.

Both are made with premium quality lotus paste that is superior in taste. This stylishly matt red chest is adorned with magnolias and sheathed in a glittery gold casing for utmost elegance.

Each of the 4 chest drawers reveal a golden-brown mooncake, bound to make your health-conscious recipient smile for its lower sugar content.

TungLok Four Seasons ($76 for 4 pieces)
Take the same stylish 4-drawer chest but dress it up in a modern regal lavender hue. But instead of two flavours, you’ll experience four different kinds of mooncake.

You get the classics, Egg Yolk White Lotus and Egg Yolk Red Lotus mooncakes, joined by two revved up variants.

The Egg Yolk Pandan Lotus with Pistachios has that velvety lotus paste infused with fragrant pandan and crusted with crunchy pistachios. The Mixed Nuts is simply bursting in textures and flavours.

TungLok Bite-Sized Mooncakes ($66 for 16 pieces)
Here’s the perfect gift for someone fun-loving and adores a plethora of choices.

The TungLok Bite-Sized collection boasts of 16 petite mooncakes representing 8 of TungLok’s best-loved flavours: Pineapple, Lotus with Orange Peel, Black and White Sesame Lotus, Red Bean with Almond, Red Lotus, Pandan Lotus, Green Tea Lotus, and White Lotus.

The Pineapple mooncake has filling and texture that could remind you of the pineapple tarts you have during the Lunar New Year.

The Pandan Lotus flavour also stood out with its bright hues and uniquely local taste with its fragrance.

All these come in a whimsical themed limited-edition box depicting jubilant mythical rabbits, blue clouds, cherry blossoms and lanterns. Such a visual delight, this box is even glow-in-the-dark.

Autumn Blossoms ($60 for Double Yolk White Lotus, $58 for Egg Yolk White Lotus, $58 for Macadamia Nuts White Lotus, $58 for Egg Yolk Pandan Lotus with Pistachios)
This dainty TungLok set gives you the power to choose from four available mooncake variants: Double Yolk White Lotus, Egg Yolk White Lotus, Macadamia Nuts White Lotus, and Egg Yolk Pandan Lotus with Pistachios.

Housed in a pastel pink-coloured chrysanthemum-motif tin box far different from the other collections, Autumn Blossoms sparks gentle, calming feels.

Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes ($58 for Egg Yolk White Lotus, $58 for White Lotus with Nuts, $62 for Durian with Chestnut, $62 for Petals Mochi Snow Skin Mooncake)
Your Mid-Autumn Festival this year won’t be complete without these sought-after Snow Skin Mooncakes in pastel pink tin cans.

Underneath the silky-smooth skin of these minis are three kinds of filling: Egg Yolk White Lotus, White Lotus with Nuts, and Durian with Chestnut.

But the real clincher is what’s infused into the snow skin – Moringa leaf.

Loaded with vitamins and minerals, this superfood has antibacterial properties among its many powers. And it adds as subtle fragrance and improved taste to the mooncake too. Now that’s a bonus.

The Durian with Chestnut Snow Skin Mooncake is for the durian lovers, appealing with its slight-sticky flavourful durian filling stuffed within thin and delicate snow skin.

The beautifully crafted Petals Mochi Snow Skin Mooncakes come in either red bean and peanut, or peanut and black sesame fillings.

What completes the piece is the mochi with a soft and chewy texture, which is of the trending Brown Sugar flavour.

Early Bird promotion for tunglokfirst members, Citi and UOB Cardmembers.
Now till 25 Aug: 20% off 2 to 10 boxes, 25% off 11 to 49 boxes, 30% off 50 boxes and above.

TungLok Mooncakes are available at:
TungLok Group of Restaurants including Tóng Lè Private Dining, TungLok Heen, TungLok Seafood, TungLok Teahouse, TungLok Signatures, TungLok XiHé Peking Duck, Dancing Crab, Lao Beijing, LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant, Lokkee, Shih Yeh Restaurant, Duckland, and Taste by TungLok.

Also available at all FairPrice Xpress, Cheers at Esso Stations, and selected Cheers store.

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with TungLok Group.


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