Looks like Oscar’s at Conrad Centennial Singapore has further charged its “Supercharged Sunday Brunch” with significant additions.

That means more food, more value.

I have been Oscar’s a few times since they have revamped their Sunday Brunch mid last year. This time, they have further upped their game with new stations and luxe offerings.

(Click PLAY for video highlights of Oscar’s Supercharged Sunday Brunch.)

The key highlight must be the outdoor charcoal grill – you can surely smell that BBQ aroma before reaching, located outside at The Terrace (so don’t miss it).

What you get include hot-off-the-grill fresh lobsters and prime cuts of beef with homemade sauces of blue cheese and cognac, thyme veal jus, habanero tomatillo and an Asian coconut dip.

Remember to take the number peg along, and food will be served to your table.

The new carving station features three types of roasts – Filipino lechon de leche, a succulent Spanish suckling pig slow-roasted Filipino-style; Oven roast US Prime Rib; and Conrad Centennial Singapore’s signature roast London duck.

Not forgetting the freshest seafood (Boston lobsters anyone?) and oysters at the seafood bar, an array of international hot dishes, 4 metre-long salad bar, and decadent desserts – you certainly have to leave room for the cakes.

Slight problem here – you may not know where to start! Here are some 20 Highlights of the Oscar’s Supercharged Sunday Brunch to help you map out your route:

Charcoal BBQ Grill – Fresh Lobsters
The newest additional of Oscar’s Sunday Brunch – fresh, juicy lobsters prepared a la minute on the open charcoal-fired grill located outside at the Terrace.

Get the peg from your table, pass it to the chef, and the lobsters (and beef) would be sent to your table once ready.

Buffet tip: Order some local noodles and ‘add ingredients’ of the grilled lobsters. Suddenly your wanton mee would seem a lot more indulgent.

Charcoal BBQ Grill – Prime Cuts of Beef
For the meat lovers (especially when you think about how expensive beef can be outside). Get unlimited servings of prime cuts of beef, enhanced with homemade sauces of blue cheese and cognac, thyme veal jus, habanero tomatillo and an Asian coconut dip.

London Duck
This is Oscar’s version of the famous roast London duck. The ducks are specially imported from specific farms in Ireland where the ducks are reared with extremely high farming standards.

Supposedly, these free roaming ducks were grain-fed, living in a calm environment with soft music which relaxed the muscles. This would result in more tender meat.

Ah, therefore the succulence complete with crispy skin after roasting.

Filipino lechon de leche
This is the MUST-HAVE. Even though some of our foreign friends may not have seen an entire pig in such as measure, try the Spanish suckling pig slow-roasted Filipino-style with the irresistibly crunchy skin with a thin layer of fats.

Oven Roast US Prime Rib

Eggs with Attitude
Something new, something different. Instead of the typical sunny-side-ups or omelettes, Oscar’s kitchen team decided to up the game with Poached Organic Eggs on English muffins.

That’s not all. You get a choice of toppings: from lemon-myrtle salmon, foie gras parcels, pancetta, pulled braised brisket, or mullet Bottarga.

Not just that. There is a range of homemade sauces, from hollandaise, house truffle-mushroom Manuka honey, to homemade guacamole.

Seafood Bar
I noticed that ALL my friends visited this station FIRST. Perhaps the fleshy, sweet lobsters were hard to resist.

For seafood lovers, you will get an amazing variety with snow crab legs, lobsters, slipper lobsters, cherrystone clams, sea prawns, and Chilean half shell scallops.

Freshly Shucked Oysters
Hand-farmed “Live Oysters”, specifically imported from three regions known for their oysters – from France, Ireland and Canada.

Fresh sashimi including Tuna, Salmon, Swordfish, Snapper, Hamachi, Ika, and assorted Japanese Nigiri and Maki Sushi.

Right next to the international food station, pick your favourite vegetables and mushrooms, and the friendly chef will help you fry them, complete with wok-hei. (I know this is a buffet, but I personally would recommend this station – for that warming, comforting feel of ‘home-cooked’ food.)

Buffet tip: Vegetables will shrink after frying, so fear not piling the plate with more greens.

Organic Pasta
Choice of 3 types of Durum pasta (farro penne, fusilli, strozzapreti) prepared à la minute with choice of rocket-basil pesto, Sicilian pesto, pork Amatriciana, or Maremmana sauce.

Noodle Bar
My other favourite station, because it does not just offer one or two local noodles, but quite a list.

On a rotational basis, the choices can include Oscar’s Laksa, slow-cooked Beef Cheek Noodles, Slipper Lobster Noodle with pork ribs, Fish Noodle Soup, Wanton Noodles, Seafood Tom Yum, Minced Pork Noodle, and Crispy Fried Seafood Noodle.

All cooked fresh upon order, and the lemak (coconuty-rich) Laksa is indeed not to be missed.

Fleshly sliced Boned San Daniele ham, Pepperoni, Italian pancetta, Hungarian salami, and pastrami beef on the tray.

Cheese Counter
From hard savoury to mild semi-soft cheeses, you get anything from Ireland’s farmhouse blue cheese Cashel Blue; cream-coloured buttery-soft Whole Brie from France; complex and full-flavoured Sparkenhoe Red Lester from United Kingdom; hard-salty Pecorino Romano and blue-veined Gorgonzola from Italy; and smoked caramel coloured San Simon and sweet-and-nutty Manchego Curado from Spain.

4 Metre Long Salad Bar
Not reading wrong, the salad bar is 4 metre-long, catering to diners who love their greens and superfoods.

The salad bar features over 30 toppings, with selection of 7 dressings including unique homemade dressings such as sweet plum and citrus, Asian sesame, passion fruit and white balsamic, or pumpkin pesto.

There are also 9 Super Salads such as Lotus root and smoked duck with green apple, walnut crumbs, grapeseed oil, Sarawak white pepper and fresh sage; and Quinoa, goji berries, black beans and yellow peppers with sesame-soy dressing, fresh mint.

Oscar’s Signature Caesar Salad
Spot a giant whole parmesan wheel? That is for you to toss your romaine lettuce in and toss.

Buffet tip: This Caesar salad is next to the cheese section, not the salad side.

Healthy Blitz – Freshly Made Shakes
Freshly made shakes featuring a variety of superfoods: Avocado, lychee, whey protein and Jarrah honey; or Pomegranate seeds, powder, Lucama powder, and leatherwood honey. Refreshing.

Decadent Desserts
I can go on and on for this. For those who have not been to Oscar’s in a while, you would have noted that there is also a wider variety of desserts and cakes, and they do look pretty creative.

Executive Pastry Chef Florent Castagnos joined Conrad Centennial Singapore late last year, and has introduced new cakes including his version of Mont Blanc and freshly baked ‘giant’ Mille feuille.

The signature and must-try on the dessert counter is the rum Gâteau Basque with vanilla sauce. A recipe from his grandmother, this cake is a tradition from the South of France where Chef Florent grew up. This almond cake with a crunchy exterior and custard filling will surely not fail to satisfy.

Also on the dessert counter is Conrad Singapore’s signature royal hazelnut crunch cake into a Royale Hazelnut Crunch – a rich truffle mousse with a crunchy nougatine centre cake.

Oscar’s Signature Waffles
Freshly made light and fluffy waffles accompanied with choice of Mövenpick ice-cream and toppings.

Liquid Nitrogen Gin Sorbet
For diners who opt for the two alcohol packages, you can also indulge in free-flow of Gin Sorbet, in which the chef would use liquid nitrogen to turn the Gin concoction into a unique alcoholic sorbet made on the spot.

Due to the fast freezing method, liquid nitrogen causes fat and water particles to stay extremely small, giving the ice cream a creamier and smoother consistency.

The Conrad Centennial Singapore Supercharged Sunday Brunch is available every Sunday from 12.30pm to 3.30pm, at Oscar’s Restaurant, located on the lobby level.

Supercharged Sunday Brunch at Oscar’s Pricing
SGD 98++ Includes free flow of coffee and tea
SGD 128++ Includes free flow of sparkling, house wines, draft beers and craft Gin & Tonic Bar
SGD 168++ Includes free flow of champagne, premium wines, bottled Hitachino Nest craft beers and craft Gin & Tonic Bar

SGD 49++ per child
(6 to 12 years old)

Conrad Centennial Singapore, Lobby level, Two Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038982
Tel: +65 6432 7481
Sunday Brunch Timing: 12.30pm – 3.30pm
Reservations: www.connoisseur.sg/oscars-sunday-brunch

Buffet-licious Deals: Enjoy 20% off when you pre-purchase the Buffet Lunch, Buffet Dinner and Sunday Brunch at Oscar’s.

Buffet Lunch
Monday-Saturday, 12:00pm-2:30pm
$47.20++ per person (U.P. $59++ per pax)

Buffet Dinner
Sunday-Thursday, 6:00pm-10:00pm
$57.60++ per person (U.P. $72++ per pax)

Friday-Saturday, 6:00pm-10:00pm
$66.40++ per person (U.P. $83++ per pax)

Sunday Brunch
Sunday Only, 12:30pm-3:30pm
$78.40++ per person (Buffet only; U.P. $98++ per pax)
S$102.40++ per person (with free flow of sparkling and house wines, draft beers and craft Gin & Tonic Bar; U.P. $128++ per pax)
S$134.40++ per person (with free flow of champagne, premium wines, bottled Hitachino Nest craft beers and craft Gin & Tonic Bar; U.P. $168++ per pax)

Make your reservation and buy Vouchers via Chope: Oscar’s (Conrad Centennial Singapore)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Conrad Centennial Singapore.


  1. I do not understand “The lobsters are FRESH ??” You mean they are RAW lobsters that are BBQ or are they pre-cooked and they are BBQ the precooked lobsters?


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